0005280: [Display] [i.MX6] Weston does not work correctly when using chvt with use-g2d in weston.ini
0006232: [Buildroot] Update fsimx6 boards to Buildroot 2024.01
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0006111: [Buildroot] Update fsimx6sx boards to Buildroot 2024.01
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0006033: [Buildroot] Update fsimx6ul boards to Buildroot 2023.02
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0006008: [Buildroot] Add F&S Kernel and U-Boot versioning
0006009: [Buildroot] Add F&S psplash bootscreen
0006007: [Buildroot] Update IMX specific packages to NXP Yocto version lf-5.15.71-2.2.1
0006006: [Buildroot] Update to Buildroot 2023.02.6
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0005571: [General] Improve fsimx8mm install script
0005570: [General] Add picocoremx8mmr2 device trees
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0005170: [Buildroot] Add error handling for the install script with eMMC
0005329: [Buildroot] Add TSC2004 Touchscreen default calibration
0005330: [Buildroot] Add wlan regulatory.db to imx6/7 defonfigs
0005268: [Buildroot] Bump busybox from 1.33.0 to 1.33.2
0005327: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to buildroot-2021.02.10
0005169: [Buildroot] Improve support for current buildroot version for platform fsimx7ulp
0005168: [Buildroot] Improve support for current buildroot version for platform fsimx6sx/fsimx6ul
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0005171: [Buildroot] Add support for board efusA9r2
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0005114: [Buildroot] Update history file to buildroot-2021.02.2-fsimx6-B2021.10.1
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0005113: [Buildroot] Update history file to buildroot-2021.02.2-fsimx6-B2021.10
0005112: [Buildroot] Add bulding of install.scr script with buildroot
0005111: [Buildroot] Fix imx6 alsa sound
0005110: [Buildroot] Add default touchscreen calibration SX8654
0005109: [Buildroot] Add experimental fsimx6 etnaviv defconfig
0005108: [Buildroot] Add building of emmc-sysimg for fsimx6
0005107: [Buildroot] Add fsimx6 Uboot building with Buildroot
0005106: [Buildroot] Add g2d support to weston
0005105: [Buildroot] Add xwayland defconfig
0005104: [Buildroot] Improve imx-gpu arm32 packages
0005103: [Buildroot] Improve imx6 defconfigs
0005102: [Buildroot] Add BR2_PACKAGE_LINUX_FIRMWARE_MWIFIEX_PCIEUSB8997 for fsimx6* configs
0005101: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx6sx* defconfigs to support new device tree vand3
0005100: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx6ul* defconfigs to support new device tree gar3
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0005256: [Buildroot] Improve support for fsimx6ul* defconfigs
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0005058: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2020.011
0005099: [Buildroot] Update history file to buildroot-2021.02.2-fsimx8mm-B2021.06
0005098: [Buildroot] Fixup History File
0005097: [Buildroot] Improve sysimg (sdcard image) generation
0005096: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx8mm defconfigs
0005095: [Buildroot] Fix imx-gstreamer package
0005094: [Buildroot] Fix old hashes
0005093: [Buildroot] Update bluez_utils package
0005092: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2021.02.2
0005091: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2021.02.1
0005090: [Buildroot] Update imx specific packages
0005089: [Buildroot] Update fsimx8mm_wayland_defconfig
0005088: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2021.02
0005087: [Buildroot] Update to libopenssl-1.1.1k
0005086: [Buildroot] fsimx6{sx,ul}_min_defconfig: Correctly load SDMA firmware
0005085: [Buildroot] Fix: busybox 1.33
0005084: [Buildroot] Change: Several files that make the previous features available
0005082: [Buildroot] Add: preinit.sh
0005081: [Buildroot] Change: system.conf for rauc
0005080: [Buildroot] Add: Support for automatic update via usb drive or sd card
0005078: [Buildroot] Change: Config
0005079: [Buildroot] Add: board/f+s/common/rauc
0005077: [Buildroot] Remove: postinstall.sh
0005076: [Buildroot] Change: Path of default certificate changed
0005074: [Buildroot] Remove: S51rauc
0005073: [Buildroot] Change: Add emmc fallback support fw_env.conf.mmc
0005072: [Buildroot] Change: Increase partition number of data partition (emmc)
0005071: [Buildroot] Change: Extend demo application with startup script
0005070: [Buildroot] Extend: dynamic_mounting.py
0005069: [Buildroot] RAUC Update to 1.5
0005068: [Buildroot] Fix RAUC squashfs mounting
0005067: [Buildroot] Fixes for FS-Update
0005066: [Buildroot] Add FS-Updater for application and rootfs
0005065: [Buildroot] Fix cpio-rootfs generation
0005064: [Buildroot] Fix padding of lpddr4 ram trainigs binaries
0005063: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx8mm weston backend
0005062: [Buildroot] Improve imx8 image generation
0005061: [Buildroot] Update fsimx8mm defconfigs and busybox
0005060: [Buildroot] Update arm trusted firmware
0005059: [Buildroot] Update imx specific packages
0005057: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2020.08
0005039: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2020.05
0005038: [Buildroot] Merge buildroot-2020.02
0005037: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2019.11
0005036: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2019.08
0005035: [Buildroot] Folder bug fix for FS Updater FSIMX8MM
0005034: [Buildroot] Add FS Updater Solution scripts for FSIMX8MM architecture
0005033: [Buildroot] Add FS Updater package
0005032: [Buildroot] Latest Buildroot version of rauc
0005031: [Buildroot] Add packages and utillity for python-azure-iot-device
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0004976: [Buildroot] Move entry to create install script for fsimx8mm
0004975: [Buildroot] Enable 2D support for 64-bit architecture
0004974: [Buildroot] Set PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR to the build process
0004973: [Buildroot] Enable FW images for iMX8MM plattform
0004972: [Buildroot] Add config entries for iMX8MQ and iMX8MM
0004971: [Buildroot] Bump imx-vpu-hantro to 1.14
0004970: [Buildroot] Improve libdrm settings
0004969: [Buildroot] Add install script for fsimx8mm
0004968: [Buildroot] Bump mkimage to imx_4.14.98_2.3.0
0004967: [Buildroot] Bump uuc for ramfs default configuration
0004966: [Buildroot] Bump kobs-ng to support iMX8M(M,N)
0004965: [Buildroot] Add udev rules to create touchscreen device
0004964: [Buildroot] Add minimal configuration for fsim8mm with ramfs
0004963: [Buildroot] Add configurations to build fsimx8mm with mmc support
0004962: [Buildroot] Add minimal configuration for fsimx8mm
0004961: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx8mm support
0004377: [Buildroot] Add support for fsimx8mm
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0004380: [General] [i.MX6UL] Create PicoCOMA7 release
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0004395: [General] Create PicoCoreMX6UL release to support eMMC as boot device
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0004395: [General] Create PicoCoreMX6UL release to support eMMC as boot device
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0004380: [General] [i.MX6UL] Create PicoCOMA7 release
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0004153: [Buildroot] [i.MX7ULP] Add support for fsimx7ulp_qt5_weston_defconfig
0004154: [Buildroot] Add default weston.ini file
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0004061: [Buildroot] Replace gstreamer package with imx-gstreamer package
0003952: [Buildroot] Add support for MWIFIEX_SDSD8997_WLAN/BT
0003951: [Buildroot] FSIMX7ULP: Check if xserver can be used with current version
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0003925: [Buildroot] Add support for firmware Marvell 88W8997
0003785: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2018.11
0003784: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2018.08
0003788: [Buildroot] Update to newest NXP kernel 4.9.x
0003791: [Buildroot] Add support for Sterling WLAN chip
0003790: [Buildroot] tslib causes X-Server to crash
0003789: [Buildroot] F&S standard Qt5 rootfs is huge and does not fit in NAND
0003776: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2016.08
0003783: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2018.05
0003782: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2018.02
0003781: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2017.11
0003780: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2017.08
0003779: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2017.05
0003778: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2017.02
0003777: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2016.11
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0003775: [Buildroot] Add support for Silex QCA9377 WLAN/Bluetooth to Buildroot
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0003765: [Buildroot] Add support for Cube2.0 to Buildroot
0003792: [Buildroot] Add support for fsimx7ulp architecture to Buildroot
0003773: [Buildroot] Some device trees for F&S boards are not built
0003764: [Display] Add support for Wayland/Weston
0003774: [Bluetooth] Add xrandr to F&S configs to allow minimal display rotation
0003769: [Buildroot] Add wget to F&S boards
0003766: [Buildroot] Add virtual keyboard to Matchbox WM
0003772: [Buildroot] /etc/init.d/S35x11 always starts X11 even if no framebuffer is available
0003771: [Bluetooth] Buildroot has busybox-1.24.x, but F&S defconfig for busybox is still 1.23.x
0003770: [Buildroot] In the rootfs there appear some paths from the build host
0003767: [Buildroot] If no login_tty is given syslog grows rapidly
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0003763: [Buildroot] Clean up F&S defconfigs
0003762: [Buildroot] The download sequence for CubeA7UL does not work
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0003761: [Buildroot] Final fixes before release
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0003590: [Buildroot] Have a Qt5 configuration for fsimx6
0003589: [Buildroot] Handle new device tree names for F&S boards and modules
0003588: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to buildroot-2016.05
0003587: [Buildroot] Use gstreamer-1.x on fsimx6
0003586: [Buildroot] Switch fsimx6 to kernel 4.1.15 using device trees
0003585: [Bluetooth] Add support for cubeA7UL
0003584: [Buildroot] Switch to newer toolchain based on gcc-5.x
0003583: [Buildroot] Support Media Transfer Protocol (MTD)
0003582: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to buildroot-2016.02
0002706: [Buildroot] Merge own build process for Linux kernel (localdir) with the one of regular buildroot
0001847: [Display] Add DRI support to enable EGL rendering in X11
0003581: [Buildroot] Package ncurses-5.9 fails to build with gcc-5.x
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First version for i.MX6 SoloX
0003580: [Buildroot] Option -mach=armv7-a generates compiler warnings
0003069: [Buildroot] Re-organize final scripts for F&S boards
0003070: [Buildroot] Add support for i.MX6 SoloX (fsimx6sx)
0003071: [Buildroot] Add proper GPU support for i.MX6 SoloX
0003068: [Buildroot] /etc/profile.d is a regular file instead of a directory
0003067: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to buildroot-2015.11.1
6 issues View Issues
0003064: [Buildroot] Switch default touch support from tslib to evdev on fsimx6
0003063: [Buildroot] Update to busybox-1.23.x on F&S boards
0003577: [Buildroot] 3D graphics and video playback do not work on kernel 3.0.35
0003576: [Buildroot] Keys for ssh are computed even if rootfs is read-only
0003062: [Buildroot] gst-fsl-plugins do not work in buildroot-2015.05 on fsimx6
0003061: [Buildroot] Fix defconfig problems when building Linux kernel
0002701: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2015.05
0002700: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2015.02
0002699: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.11
0002698: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.08
0002697: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.05
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First release for i.MX6 UltraLite
0003066: [Buildroot] Add support for i.MX6 UltraLite (fsimx6ul)
0003579: [Buildroot] libpng fails to build under Buildroot
0003065: [Buildroot] Update buildroot to buildroot-2015.08.1
0003060: [Buildroot] Midori compilation fails in buildroot-2014.xx
0002666: [Buildroot] Pango and cairo compilation fails because of a bad libtool file (.la)
0002653: [Touch driver] X-Server crashes when tslib accesses /dev/input/event1
0002651: [Buildroot] Package x11r7/xdriver_xf86-input-tslib fails to download
0003059: [Buildroot] Fix tslib crash with unknown xf86XInputSetScreen
0003058: [Buildroot] Fix download site for xdriver_xf86-input-tslib
0002709: [Buildroot] Add support for HGATEWAY board rev. 1.10
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0002705: [Buildroot] Change Linux compilation to use output/build/linux-localdir
0002708: [Buildroot] libfslcodec and libfslparser don't work on fsimx6
0002707: [Buildroot] Add generic fsimx6_std_defconfig and fsimx6_min_defconfig
0002038: [Buildroot] Join i.MX6 BuildRoot with Multi-Platform-Linux
0002704: [Buildroot] Add useful alias commands like ll for ls -l, etc.
0002703: [Buildroot] Switch to busybox-1.22
0002702: [Buildroot] Add support for HGATEWAY
0002696: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.02
0002695: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2013.11
0002694: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2013.08
0002693: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2013.05
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New NAND flash driver, block refresh, new boot strategies, Ethernet improvements
0002295: [Buildroot] Allow Linux compilation from a local directory
0002294: [NAND-FMD] Change UBI LEB size to 0x1f000 for new NAND driver on Vybrid
0002118: [Audio] Add alsa to gstreamer-plugins-good
0002195: [General] Use login_tty as provided by /sys/bdinfo in BuildRoot
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0001469: [Production/Installation] OpenSSH key generation fails because root filesystem is read-only
0002028: [Buildroot] Qt download site has changed
0002027: [Buildroot] Move F&S specific configuration files to the subdirectories
0002026: [Buildroot] Add support for CUBEA5
0002029: [Touch driver] Calibration sometimes fails
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0002025: [Buildroot] Merge BuildRoot for fsvybrid and Multi-Platform-Linux
0002024: [Serial Driver/Interface] root can not login on PicoCOMA5
0002023: [Buildroot] Use single toolchain
0002022: [Buildroot] Add mcc_pingpong
0002021: [Buildroot] Add support for mqxboot
0002020: [Buildroot] Add generic support for MCC and MQX
0002019: [General] Create link for lib/ld-linux.so.3 if required
0001582: [Cross-Toolchain] Switch to new fs-toolchain-4.7.2 and gdb-7.4.x
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0001866: [Tool/Utility] Add xinput-calibrator application
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0001842: [Kernel] Integrate release version modules into rootfs image
0001846: [Display] Add X11 display driver
0001840: [Buildroot] blackbox window manager causes "Segmentation fault"
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0001744: [Display] Add directFB support
0001823: [Buildroot] Update to imx-lib version 3.0.35-4.0.0
0001805: [gstreamer] Add hw accelerated video processing support (VPU) and freescale specific gstreamer plugins
0001820: [gstreamer] fsllibs required by gstreamer are not available in library path
0001803: [General] Update to buildroot 2013.05
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0001467: [Buildroot] Create and release first Buildroot package for FS-i.MX6 platforms (QBlissA9)
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Released 2012-11-22
0001332: [General] Move board-specific files from target/device/f+s to board/f+s
0001331: [General] Rebase BuildRoot to version 2012.08
0001306: [General] Added PicoCOM4, PicoMOD7A and NetDCU14
0001303: [Display] Add VNC server for X11 display.
0001295: [General] Add GDB Server
0001284: [Display] Configure Xorg for Samsung Touch
0001291: [NAND-FMD] Add busybox tools to access MTD
0001292: [General] Add SSH (OpenSSH)
0001285: [Display] Can not run X applications in default configuration
0001308: [General] Add HDMI to PicoMOD7A
0001286: [Display] Touch: Xorg calibration reports 'Mis-click detected'
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