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0002666BuildRootBuildrootpublic2019-01-17 16:41
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsimx6-V2.0 
Target Versionfsimx6-V2.1Fixed in Versionfsimx6ul-V1.0 
Summary0002666: Pango and cairo compilation fails because of a bad libtool file (.la)
DescriptionWhen compiling pango and cairo (for example as part of the webkit package for the midori browser), compilation fails because a library is not found.

This problem exists on fsimx6-V2.0 based on buildroot-2014.02 as well as on fsvybrid-V2.1 based on buildroot-2013.02.
Steps To ReproduceConfigure for standard rootfs image and call menuconfig

  make fsimx6_std_defconfig
  make menuconfig

Then add the following settings:

  Target Packages -> Libraries -> Graphics -> libgtk2
  Target Packages -> Graphic libraries and applications -> midori

Then call make. The compilation will fail when compiling libcairo examples.
Additional InformationThe error produced above shows that the libtool file output/staging/usr/lib/ contains a path for that is a combination of the staging directory and the global path of the toolchain in /usr/local/arm. This path does not exist. So in fact the error already happens when package directfb is built and progresses to So there is a general issue with libtool that creates .la files with bad path names.

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duplicate of 0003060 resolvedderksen Midori compilation fails in buildroot-2014.xx 


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