First release for i.MX6 UltraLite
0003603: [Kernel] Rename F&S device trees
0003602: [Kernel] Add support for efusA7UL
0003601: [Display] Colors red and blue are swapped on LCD on efusA7UL
0003600: [Touch driver] Add support for SX8655 touch to kernel 3.14.x
0003599: [Display] Backlight brightness on RGB-Adapter does not work
0003598: [Touch driver] Add support for Focaltech FT5x06 touch to kernel 3.14.x
0003597: [Display] Add support for parallel RGB interface
0003596: [Kernel] Rebase to kernel 3.14.38 to have support for i.MX6-UltraLite
0003595: [Kernel] Add kernel configuration for Android on efusA9X
0003594: [Display] Accelerated graphics do not work on efusA9X
0003593: [Kernel] Add F&S version of Tux-Logo to kernel 3.14.28
0003592: [Kernel] Add F&S NAND driver for i.MX6 to kernel 3.14.28
0003591: [Kernel] Add support for efusA9X
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First release for i.MX6 UltraLite
0003066: [Buildroot] Add support for i.MX6 UltraLite (fsimx6ul)
0003579: [Buildroot] libpng fails to build under Buildroot
0003065: [Buildroot] Update buildroot to buildroot-2015.08.1
0003060: [Buildroot] Midori compilation fails in buildroot-2014.xx
0002666: [Buildroot] Pango and cairo compilation fails because of a bad libtool file (.la)
0002653: [Touch driver] X-Server crashes when tslib accesses /dev/input/event1
0002651: [Buildroot] Package x11r7/xdriver_xf86-input-tslib fails to download
0003059: [Buildroot] Fix tslib crash with unknown xf86XInputSetScreen
0003058: [Buildroot] Fix download site for xdriver_xf86-input-tslib
0002709: [Buildroot] Add support for HGATEWAY board rev. 1.10
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First release for i.MX6 UltraLite
0003090: [Ethernet] Improve ethernet environment
0003091: [SD/MMC] On u-boot-2014.07, SD card does not work correctly
0003087: [U-Boot] Add support for efusA7UL
0003089: [Ethernet] Use fec_mxc driver on fsvybrid
0003088: [Ethernet] Add support for second ethernet port on fsimx6sx
0003086: [Ethernet] Add support for Micrel KSZ8081 ethernet PHY
0003083: [U-Boot] Add support for i.MX6 SoloX (fsimx6sx)
0003085: [U-Boot] Add support for i.MX6 UltraLite (fsimx6ul)
0003084: [U-Boot] Add support for efusA9X
0002521: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2014.07
0003082: [U-Boot] Move update code from cmd_source.c to cmd_update.c
0002520: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2014.04
0002681: [SD/MMC] Environment: Add rootwait for slow boot devices, activate AUTO_COMPLETE, fix ubifs devices
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