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0005093BuildRootBuildrootpublic2021-11-02 15:47
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsimx8mm-B2020.08 
Target Versionfsimx8mm-B2021.06Fixed in Versionfsimx8mm-B2021.06 
Summary0005093: Update bluez_utils package
Descriptionbluez_utils was backportet to 5.39 to be compatible with the silex
As fsimx8mm does not use the silex chip we update to the current version
and remove the silex specific packages.

We will have to check for new patches when updating architectures which
are using the silex chip
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2021-11-02 15:47

developer   ~0003758

Git commit 6da327b2f50fcd561f0e4175d5fe28265badb9c4