0003618: [Audio] On boards with SGTL5000, mono sound is only played back on left channel
0003624: [Kernel] Add proper support for armStoneA9
0003625: [Kernel] Add support for armStoneA9r2
0003633: [Kernel] Add support for PicoMODA9
0003620: [Kernel] Add support for CubeA7UL
0003630: [Touch driver] Clean up code for Focaltech touches
0003623: [Kernel] Clean up fsimx6 device trees
0003629: [Touch driver] Add MXT224 touch support to kernel 4.1.15
0003632: [Display] Simplify display configuration on fsimx6
0003631: [Ethernet] New revisions of Micrel KSZ8081 PHY do not work on efusA7UL
0003628: [Kernel] Drop fsimx6* prefix from F&S device tree names
0003627: [Kernel] Some fsimx6 boards run unstable
0003626: [Kernel] Default memory settings for CMA exceed available memory size of some F&S boards
0003622: [Kernel] Module versions of rootfs can not be loaded in development kernel
0003621: [Kernel] Update kernel to newest Freescale/NXP release based on 4.1.x
0003619: [Audio] Sound streams with one channel and 32 bits/sample are played with double speed
0003617: [Kernel] Improve i.MX6/S/DL/Q/SX/UL configuration
0003616: [SD/MMC] Improve MMC data robustness on suspend and shutdown
0003615: [NAND-FMD] NAND driver prevents state for power saving
0003614: [Audio] Audio (SGTL5000) not working after resume from suspend
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0003590: [Buildroot] Have a Qt5 configuration for fsimx6
0003589: [Buildroot] Handle new device tree names for F&S boards and modules
0003588: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to buildroot-2016.05
0003587: [Buildroot] Use gstreamer-1.x on fsimx6
0003586: [Buildroot] Switch fsimx6 to kernel 4.1.15 using device trees
0003585: [Bluetooth] Add support for cubeA7UL
0003584: [Buildroot] Switch to newer toolchain based on gcc-5.x
0003583: [Buildroot] Support Media Transfer Protocol (MTD)
0003582: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to buildroot-2016.02
0002706: [Buildroot] Merge own build process for Linux kernel (localdir) with the one of regular buildroot
0001847: [Display] Add DRI support to enable EGL rendering in X11
0003581: [Buildroot] Package ncurses-5.9 fails to build with gcc-5.x
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0003568: [USB host] Some USB sticks have timeouts when loading the rootfs image
0003574: [U-Boot] Add default installation path for RAM on F&S boards
0003569: [U-Boot] Improve F&S boot strategy environment
0003573: [U-Boot] Drop architecture from F&S device tree names
0003572: [U-Boot] Add support for armStoneA9R2
0003571: [U-Boot] U-Boot fails to compile with GCC-5
0003570: [U-Boot] Add status LED support for fsimx6
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