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0003617fsimx_LinuxKernelpublic2019-01-21 17:30
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsimx6sx-V1.0 
Target Versionfsimx6-V3.0Fixed in Versionfsimx6-V3.0 
Summary0003617: Improve i.MX6/S/DL/Q/SX/UL configuration
DescriptionF&S has three i.MX6 architectures:

- fsimx6 for regular i.MX6 (S/DL/Q)
- fsimx6sx for i.MX6SX
- fsimx6ul for i.MX6UL

Freescale has only one configuration where all CPU types are activated at the same time. But the regular i.MX6 has the biggest feature set, so activating it pulls in lots of code. Our goal is to have a configuration for each architecture where only the targeted CPU type is activated. This will reduce the code size for fsimx6sx and fsimx6ul considerably.

However at the moment the code will not compile if regular i.MX6 is omitted in the configuration. Try to get this sorted out.
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