0001460: [Camera] Add camera support (OV9665 via On-Board BT.656).
0001444: [NI2C] Add support for i2c1 (camera SMBUS)
0001455: [WLAN] Add support for On-Board WLAN.
0001456: [Bluetooth] Add support for On-Board Blueooth.
0001509: [NAND-FMD] Increase kernel partition size
0001475: [Touch driver] Add capacitive touch driver for FS-touch adapter (mxt224 based)
0001472: [Kernel] Add custom F&S TUX boot logo
0001468: [Audio] AC97 initialization causes hang on bootup
0001487: [Display] Multiple display usage no longer working in 3.0.35 kernel version
0001471: [Display] Chimei G070Y2 display not working yet (LVDS)
0001442: [Kernel] Merge latest changes from FSL kernel version 3.0.35
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0001467: [Buildroot] Create and release first Buildroot package for FS-i.MX6 platforms (QBlissA9)
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0001488: [NAND-FMD] Increase kernel partition size
0001466: [U-Boot] Add new bootcmd evironment variables to combine net-mmc and net-nand boot staggies
0001465: [U-Boot] Add GBit Ethernet support
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