0001755: [Display] Remove debug output 'update_lcdc: dcu_div is 3'
0001990: [Display] Add 320x240 display for PicoCOMA5
0001991: [Touch driver] On-board SX8655 touch does not work
0001987: [Kernel] Use common fsvybrid_defconfig for all F&S Vybrid boards
0001986: [Display] Use 16bpp for framebuffers by default
0001985: [Serial Driver/Interface] Use correct UART in zImage uncompressor
0001984: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add support for UART4 and 5 to allow UART5 as debug port on PicoCOMA5
0001983: [Kernel] Show L2 cache configuration
0001982: [Kernel] Add and use F&S Tux logo (Tux holding NetDCU logo)
0001981: [Kernel] Add Multi Core Communication Library (MCC) to Linux kernel
0001989: [Touch driver] Add MXT touch to Vybrid platform
0001988: [Touch driver] Add touch driver for Focaltech FT5x06 to Vybrid platform
0001867: [Touch driver] On-board touch controller not working on armStoneA5
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0002025: [Buildroot] Merge BuildRoot for fsvybrid and Multi-Platform-Linux
0002024: [Serial Driver/Interface] root can not login on PicoCOMA5
0002023: [Buildroot] Use single toolchain
0002022: [Buildroot] Add mcc_pingpong
0002021: [Buildroot] Add support for mqxboot
0002020: [Buildroot] Add generic support for MCC and MQX
0002019: [General] Create link for lib/ld-linux.so.3 if required
0001582: [Cross-Toolchain] Switch to new fs-toolchain-4.7.2 and gdb-7.4.x
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0002016: [General] Set $platform variable in lower case
0002013: [General] Remove unused Samsung stuff
0002015: [General] Pass board revision to Linux kernel via ATAG structure
0002014: [Serial Driver/Interface] Patch serial port for Linux zImage uncompressor
0002012: [SD/MMC] Remove some remaining stuff from F&S SD/MMC driver
0002011: [General] Join armStoneA5, PicoCOMA5 and NetDCUA5 to one common fsvybrid platform
0002009: [Serial Driver/Interface] Implement serial driver for fsvybrid in the same way as fss5pv210
0002010: [General] Fix ugly implementation for reset cause
0002008: [General] Merge U-Boot for fsvybrid and fss5pv210
0002007: [General] Add support for NetDCUA5
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