0004582: [General] i.MX8MM Industrial CPUs with a critical temperature of 105C shut down at 95C
0005221: [Kernel] Fix picocoremx8mm/mx8mx pcie
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0005058: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2020.011
0005099: [Buildroot] Update history file to buildroot-2021.02.2-fsimx8mm-B2021.06
0005098: [Buildroot] Fixup History File
0005097: [Buildroot] Improve sysimg (sdcard image) generation
0005096: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx8mm defconfigs
0005095: [Buildroot] Fix imx-gstreamer package
0005094: [Buildroot] Fix old hashes
0005093: [Buildroot] Update bluez_utils package
0005092: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2021.02.2
0005091: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2021.02.1
0005090: [Buildroot] Update imx specific packages
0005089: [Buildroot] Update fsimx8mm_wayland_defconfig
0005088: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2021.02
0005087: [Buildroot] Update to libopenssl-1.1.1k
0005086: [Buildroot] fsimx6{sx,ul}_min_defconfig: Correctly load SDMA firmware
0005085: [Buildroot] Fix: busybox 1.33
0005084: [Buildroot] Change: Several files that make the previous features available
0005082: [Buildroot] Add: preinit.sh
0005081: [Buildroot] Change: system.conf for rauc
0005080: [Buildroot] Add: Support for automatic update via usb drive or sd card
0005078: [Buildroot] Change: Config
0005079: [Buildroot] Add: board/f+s/common/rauc
0005077: [Buildroot] Remove: postinstall.sh
0005076: [Buildroot] Change: Path of default certificate changed
0005074: [Buildroot] Remove: S51rauc
0005073: [Buildroot] Change: Add emmc fallback support fw_env.conf.mmc
0005072: [Buildroot] Change: Increase partition number of data partition (emmc)
0005071: [Buildroot] Change: Extend demo application with startup script
0005070: [Buildroot] Extend: dynamic_mounting.py
0005069: [Buildroot] RAUC Update to 1.5
0005068: [Buildroot] Fix RAUC squashfs mounting
0005067: [Buildroot] Fixes for FS-Update
0005066: [Buildroot] Add FS-Updater for application and rootfs
0005065: [Buildroot] Fix cpio-rootfs generation
0005064: [Buildroot] Fix padding of lpddr4 ram trainigs binaries
0005063: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx8mm weston backend
0005062: [Buildroot] Improve imx8 image generation
0005061: [Buildroot] Update fsimx8mm defconfigs and busybox
0005060: [Buildroot] Update arm trusted firmware
0005059: [Buildroot] Update imx specific packages
0005057: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2020.08
0005039: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2020.05
0005038: [Buildroot] Merge buildroot-2020.02
0005037: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2019.11
0005036: [Buildroot] Merge Original buildroot-2019.08
0005035: [Buildroot] Folder bug fix for FS Updater FSIMX8MM
0005034: [Buildroot] Add FS Updater Solution scripts for FSIMX8MM architecture
0005033: [Buildroot] Add FS Updater package
0005032: [Buildroot] Latest Buildroot version of rauc
0005031: [Buildroot] Add packages and utillity for python-azure-iot-device
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0004926: [U-Boot] Add config for PCoreMX8MM-FERT13.130
0004925: [U-Boot] Add dynamic setting of cpu temp ranges for fsimx8mm
0004924: [U-Boot] Add part command to uboot console
0004923: [U-Boot] Merge architecture tbs2 into fsimx8mm
0004922: [U-Boot] Improve support for architecture tbs2
0004921: [U-Boot] Set tbs2.c UPDATE_DEF to mmc0,mmc2
0004920: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mm mac address setup
0004384: [General] [ARMv7][NOT RELEASED] Uboot crashes when using tftp command multiple times
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