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0004384UBootGeneralpublic2021-10-05 13:02
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsimx8mx-Y2020.11-pre 
Target Versionfsimx8mm-B2021.06Fixed in Versionfsimx8mm-B2021.06 
Summary0004384: [ARMv7][NOT RELEASED] Uboot crashes when using tftp command multiple times
DescriptionAfter the merge with the imx-uboot 2018.03 the uboot may crash on imx6 boards when using the tftp command 2 times in a row.

This seems to be correlated with the cache, as the system makes speculative access to the DRAM area behined the valid addresses and corrupts the chache.

This forum entry describes the problem, and a possible solution
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