0002688: [Kernel] Use a common fsimx6_defconfig file for all F&S boards based on i.MX6
0003077: [Display] On armStoneA9, allow having LCD and LVDS in parallel
0002686: [Display] Use F&S Linux Logo (Tux holding NetDCU logo) on i.MX6 boards
0002689: [Ethernet] Use MAC address from U-Boot directly without command line argument
0002692: [Kernel] Rebase i.MX6 code to rel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0
0003076: [Audio] Fix AC97 on QBlissA9
0002685: [Display] Add support for WSVGA mode on LVDS and for EDT-ET057090 display (RGB)
0002687: [Kernel] Add bdinfo device to show board information in /sys/bdinfo
0002684: [NAND-FMD] Fix NAND flash initialisation on some flash types
0002572: [NAND-FMD] Add new F&S NAND access for i.MX6 to Linux
0002682: [Audio] Improve sound on SGTL5000
0002589: [Kernel] Add basic DualLite/Solo support for QBlissA9
0002414: [Buildroot] Add secure tty support for efusA9
0002159: [Kernel] Board hangs after Reset on Reset button
0002134: [HDMI] Some HDMI resolutions like 1920x1080p-60 do not work
0002090: [Serial Driver/Interface] armStoneA9: When using ttymxc2 as serial console, ttymxc1 soes not work anymore
0002431: [SD/MMC] Add SD Card patch for non-conforming SD Cards
0002059: [Audio] Noise on right headphone channel (QBlissA9 + SINTF 1.20)
0002425: [PowerManagement] armStoneA9 has sporadic errors, most probably when booting
0001879: [U-Boot] flash boot failure on repeated boot test
0002571: [Kernel] Extend the PicoMODA9 basic support
0002570: [Kernel] Extend the armStoneA9 basic support
0002569: [Kernel] Add basic DualLite/Solo support for armStoneA9
0002557: [SD/MMC] Cannot detect SDCard again after removing it
0002412: [Kernel] Add support efusA9
0002410: [U-Boot] Add support efusA9
0002411: [U-Boot] Add PicoMODA9 support
0002413: [Kernel] Add support PicoMODA9
0002055: [Audio] Wrong Buffering for WM9715L Codec on QBlissA9 and QBliss SINTF
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0002705: [Buildroot] Change Linux compilation to use output/build/linux-localdir
0002708: [Buildroot] libfslcodec and libfslparser don't work on fsimx6
0002707: [Buildroot] Add generic fsimx6_std_defconfig and fsimx6_min_defconfig
0002038: [Buildroot] Join i.MX6 BuildRoot with Multi-Platform-Linux
0002704: [Buildroot] Add useful alias commands like ll for ls -l, etc.
0002703: [Buildroot] Switch to busybox-1.22
0002702: [Buildroot] Add support for HGATEWAY
0002696: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.02
0002695: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2013.11
0002694: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2013.08
0002693: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2013.05
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0003081: [U-Boot] Convert fsvybrid to compile in THUMB mode
0002677: [U-Boot] Improve and simplify F&S environment, hide boot strategy variables
0002676: [U-Boot] Improve update infrastructure on F&S boards
0002675: [USB host] Add earlyusbinit to do an early USB device scan
0002674: [SD/MMC] Add SD card support for fsimx6 boards in U-Boot
0002673: [Ethernet] Add ethernet support for PicoMODA9
0001881: [NAND-FMD] NAND flash initialisation sometimes fails on bootup
0002568: [NAND-FMD] Add new F&S NAND access for i.MX6 to U-Boot
0002567: [U-Boot] Add support for i.MX6 DualLite/Solo on fsimx6
0002518: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2013.10
0002566: [U-Boot] Join U-Boot code for PicoCOMA8 with common F&S U-Boot
0002519: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2014.01
0002517: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2013.07
0001845: [U-Boot] Update to mainline U-Boot version. This version already includes proper USB and SDHC support.
0002039: [U-Boot] Join i.MX6 U-Boot with Multi-Platform-Linux
0002516: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2013.04
0002515: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2013.01
0002514: [U-Boot] Update U-Boot to 2012.10
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