0001462: [Display] Add GPU support.
0001463: [SPI] Add support for external SPI bus
0001829: [Serial Driver/Interface] Enable support for external UARTs 1 and 3 on armStoneA9
0001804: [Audio] Add audio support for armStoneA9 platform
0001815: [SD/MMC] SD-Card IO errors on QBlissA9 (with some cards only)
0001813: [SD/MMC] SD-card not working on armStoneA9
0001728: [HDMI] Add generic option to adjust polarity of hotplug pin (HPD)
0001812: [Kernel] Update to release iMX6-13.04.24 (4.0.0)
0001742: [Display] Add digital RGB interface support
0001664: [Display] Initialization HDMI fb driver sometimes hangs
0001452: [PCIexpress] Exception when while scanning devices behind a PCI bridge.
0001570: [Kernel] Merge latest freescale patches (1.1.1)
0001650: [PowerManagement] Enable bypassing of internal LDO to reduce overall power consumption (cpufreq)
0001547: [SD/MMC] Add support for onboard SD slot
0001568: [General] Add support for on-board EEPROM.
0001566: [Kernel] Use ATAG param to pass hardware specific information into kernel.
0001461: [MFC driver] Add support for VideoProcessingUnt (VPU)
0001561: [PowerManagement] Set VGEN6 dependent of HW config. Set to 2.8V for camera or 3.3V for SMBUS.
0001544: [Ethernet] Assert nRST during init (HW rev. 1.20)
0001545: [RTC] Add RTC support
0001546: [Hardware] Detect board HW revision
0001558: [Kernel] Register ArmStoneA9 machine
0001557: [I2C] Rearrange I2C interfaces for HW Rev 1.3
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0001744: [Display] Add directFB support
0001823: [Buildroot] Update to imx-lib version 3.0.35-4.0.0
0001805: [gstreamer] Add hw accelerated video processing support (VPU) and freescale specific gstreamer plugins
0001820: [gstreamer] fsllibs required by gstreamer are not available in library path
0001803: [General] Update to buildroot 2013.05
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0001814: [NBoot] Receive boot parameters from NBoot
0001727: [General] Rename board specific implementation to a common name usable for all modules from F&S: mx6q_qblissa9 -> mx6q_fs
0001567: [Kernel] Use ATAG param to pass hardware specific information into kernel.
0001548: [Hardware] Detect board HW revision
0001543: [Ethernet] Assert nRST during init (HW rev. 1.20).
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