0002664: [NAND-FMD] DMA chain execution failed causes UBI write failures
0003079: [Touch driver] Add support for internal SX8655 on efus-SKIT on efusA9
0003078: [Touch driver] Add support for Focaltech touches to fsimx6
0002580: [Display] Some command line display settings do not work
0002690: [Audio] Remove unneeded audio drivers from QBlissA9 configuration
0002794: [Display] Change display configuration for all iMX6 boards
0002796: [Display] Improve LCD support for all iMX6 boards
0002655: [Touch driver] Touch reports wrong values on fsimx6
0002665: [USB device] On armStoneA9, allow using USB OTG as USB Host port
0002654: [Touch driver] Add fsvybrid features for MXT224 touch to fsimx6
0001907: [Touch driver] Atmel-MXT Capacitive Touch not working on armStoneA9
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0003064: [Buildroot] Switch default touch support from tslib to evdev on fsimx6
0003063: [Buildroot] Update to busybox-1.23.x on F&S boards
0003577: [Buildroot] 3D graphics and video playback do not work on kernel 3.0.35
0003576: [Buildroot] Keys for ssh are computed even if rootfs is read-only
0003062: [Buildroot] gst-fsl-plugins do not work in buildroot-2015.05 on fsimx6
0003061: [Buildroot] Fix defconfig problems when building Linux kernel
0002701: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2015.05
0002700: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2015.02
0002699: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.11
0002698: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.08
0002697: [Buildroot] Update Buildroot to 2014.05
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0003092: [NAND-FMD] NAND flash is sometimes corrupted
0003094: [U-Boot] Add support for loading FDT from UBI on F&S boards
0003093: [U-Boot] Blinking LEDs are not possible anymore on fsvybrid in u-boot-2014.07
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