0003689: [General] Add proper support for Cortex-M4 on fsimx6sx
0003688: [Kernel] Add support for CONT1
0003670: [Kernel] Add support for PicoCOMA9X
0003678: [Kernel] Add support for GAR1
0003696: [Display] With several displays, switching off a display at runtime may disable wrong backlight
0003682: [eMMC] Accessing eMMC is unstable and may have timeouts
0003674: [Kernel] Add support for NetDCUA9 to kernel 4.1
0003681: [Audio] Audio playback on SGTL5000 does not start with full volume
0003695: [Serial Driver/Interface] RTS/CTS does not work
0003694: [Kernel] Restructure F&S device trees and make them as similar as possible
0003692: [NAND-FMD] Move dma_apbh descriptors to IRAM to work in suspend mode
0003693: [Kernel] Some F&S boards freeze after some time
0003691: [Ethernet] Ethernet speed can not be limited to 100 MBit/s
0003690: [USB host] Use dedicated USB PWR function instead of GPIO where possible
0003687: [PWM] On fsimx6sx some unused PWM ports are active
0003686: [DIO] Some GPIOs do not work on F&S boards
0003684: [Touch driver] USB pcap touch ET8076 does not work
0003667: [Kernel] Add support for QBlissA9 for kernel 4.1
0003683: [Kernel] Add support for QBlissA9r2
0003672: [Kernel] Add support for Cube2.0
0003680: [Touch driver] Enable ILI21XX and ST1633i touch controllers on F&S boards
0003679: [Display] LCD/LVDS displays flicker on fsimx6sx/ul
0003675: [Kernel] Add support for PicoCOM1.2 to kernel 4.1
0003676: [Display] Display ET070080 shows rotated content on aST-ADP-EDT1
0003673: [Audio] Add support for WM9715 audio/touch codec
0003671: [Kernel] Add gamma correction for leds-pwm.c driver
0003669: [Display] PicoCOMA9x can not correctly drive backlight brightness for display EDT070080
0003668: [Display] Some Qt5 examples do not show proper image
0003666: [Touch driver] Add support for Sitronix ST1633i pcap touch
0002647: [Display] Display on RGB adapter with PCA9632 LED controller (e.g. on efusA9) quickly switches orientation on boot
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0003765: [Buildroot] Add support for Cube2.0 to Buildroot
0003792: [Buildroot] Add support for fsimx7ulp architecture to Buildroot
0003773: [Buildroot] Some device trees for F&S boards are not built
0003764: [Display] Add support for Wayland/Weston
0003774: [Bluetooth] Add xrandr to F&S configs to allow minimal display rotation
0003769: [Buildroot] Add wget to F&S boards
0003766: [Buildroot] Add virtual keyboard to Matchbox WM
0003772: [Buildroot] /etc/init.d/S35x11 always starts X11 even if no framebuffer is available
0003771: [Bluetooth] Buildroot has busybox-1.24.x, but F&S defconfig for busybox is still 1.23.x
0003770: [Buildroot] In the rootfs there appear some paths from the build host
0003767: [Buildroot] If no login_tty is given syslog grows rapidly
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0003715: [U-Boot] Add support for CONT1 to U-Boot
0003716: [U-Boot] Add Cortex-M4 support for i.MX6SX/fsimx6sx
0003706: [U-Boot] Patch device tree on-the-fly for run-time detected features
0003720: [U-Boot] CONFIG_NETCONSOLE does not work
0003719: [U-Boot] Add support for QBlissA9r2 to U-Boot
0003710: [eMMC] Add eMMC support to U-Boot
0003718: [U-Boot] Add option to U-Boot to use USB OTG port as a second host port
0003717: [U-Boot] Result of command in then or else part of if can not be evaluated after if
0003698: [U-Boot] Add support for PicoCOMA9X to U-Boot
0003714: [U-Boot] The DEL key does not work on the command line in U-Boot
0003713: [Ethernet] Ethernet PHYs are active in Linux after booting even if Network is never used
0003711: [U-Boot] Check GPIO to decide between Recover and Update procedure
0003709: [U-Boot] efusA9 does not boot with 2GB RAM
0003708: [U-Boot] Add support for GAR1 to U-Boot
0003707: [U-Boot] udelay() delays too long
0003703: [U-Boot] Add support for NetDCUA9 to U-Boot
0003700: [U-Boot] Add support for PicoCOM1.2 to U-Boot
0003705: [Ethernet] WLAN can not have an own MAC address
0003704: [U-Boot] Drop mach-ID stuff from code, handle board features similarly on F&S boards
0003701: [U-Boot] Add blinking LED support for i.MX6UL
0003699: [U-Boot] Add support for Cube2.0 to U-Boot
0003336: [U-Boot] Support for auxiliary core (Cortex-M4) in UBoot
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