0005241: [Kernel] Add support for etnaviv support on platform fsimx6
0005239: [Kernel] Improve support for platform fsimx6 due to kernel update
0005240: [Kernel] Improve support for qblissA9/r2
0005238: [Kernel] Add support for display ee0350et-2cp on platform fsimx8mp
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0005113: [Buildroot] Update history file to buildroot-2021.02.2-fsimx6-B2021.10
0005112: [Buildroot] Add bulding of install.scr script with buildroot
0005111: [Buildroot] Fix imx6 alsa sound
0005110: [Buildroot] Add default touchscreen calibration SX8654
0005109: [Buildroot] Add experimental fsimx6 etnaviv defconfig
0005108: [Buildroot] Add building of emmc-sysimg for fsimx6
0005107: [Buildroot] Add fsimx6 Uboot building with Buildroot
0005106: [Buildroot] Add g2d support to weston
0005105: [Buildroot] Add xwayland defconfig
0005104: [Buildroot] Improve imx-gpu arm32 packages
0005103: [Buildroot] Improve imx6 defconfigs
0005102: [Buildroot] Add BR2_PACKAGE_LINUX_FIRMWARE_MWIFIEX_PCIEUSB8997 for fsimx6* configs
0005101: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx6sx* defconfigs to support new device tree vand3
0005100: [Buildroot] Improve fsimx6ul* defconfigs to support new device tree gar3
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0005053: [U-Boot] Fix pmoda9 LCD pads
0005052: [U-Boot] net: nfs: remove superfluous packed attribute
0005051: [U-Boot] net: nfs: remove superfluous conversions
0005050: [U-Boot] net: unaligned copying of unsigned long
0005049: [U-Boot] kconfig: Avoid format overflow warning from GCC 8.1
0005047: [U-Boot] Fix fsimx6 absolut pathes for Linux device tree adaption
0005046: [U-Boot] Fix imx6 display
0005045: [U-Boot] Fix fsimx6 usb power polarity
0004955: [U-Boot] [fsimx8mx]U-boot corruption when fixed-phy is used
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