Released 2012-11-22
0001312: [CAN] Change interrupt flags to IRQF_TRIGGER_LOW | IRQF_ONESHOT to prevent mcp2515 from stop receiving from can bus
0001430: [Touch driver] Add FocalTech FT5x06 series Controller
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Released 2012-11-22
0001332: [General] Move board-specific files from target/device/f+s to board/f+s
0001331: [General] Rebase BuildRoot to version 2012.08
0001306: [General] Added PicoCOM4, PicoMOD7A and NetDCU14
0001303: [Display] Add VNC server for X11 display.
0001295: [General] Add GDB Server
0001284: [Display] Configure Xorg for Samsung Touch
0001291: [NAND-FMD] Add busybox tools to access MTD
0001292: [General] Add SSH (OpenSSH)
0001285: [Display] Can not run X applications in default configuration
0001308: [General] Add HDMI to PicoMOD7A
0001286: [Display] Touch: Xorg calibration reports 'Mis-click detected'
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Released 2012-11-22
0001237: [CAN] NetDCU14: Add support for CAN with MCP2525 controller (can1)
0001231: [Ethernet] NetDCU14: Add support for Ethernet with AX88796 controller (eth1)
0001274: [CAN] Accessing CAN locks up the system
0001186: [SPI] Fix max_speed_hz computation for S3C64XX SPI
0001185: [SPI] Block I2C0 if SPI0 is running and vice versa
0001183: [Display] Allow setting color depth (bits per pixel) in generic LCD configuration
0001164: [U-Boot] On armStoneA8 with 512MB of RAM, Linux uses only 256MB
0001159: [RTC] RTC does not run, it always shows the same time
0001109: [SPI] User SPI reports error and no device is available
0001409: [Touch driver] Touch driver is very inaccurate and reports quite many wrong values
0001252: [Ethernet] WLAN via USB does not work for big messages
0001261: [Serial Driver/Interface] Allow different serial debug ports depending on board type
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Released 2012-11-22
0001413: [General] Set environment variable for board name and architecture
0001326: [U-Boot] Rebase U-Boot to 2012.07
0001290: [U-Boot] Correct 'bootnfsdhcp' command line in FSS5PV210 configuration file
0001273: [Serial Driver/Interface] Improve serial driver for S3C64XX to allow CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI
0001272: [U-Boot] Allow a dynamic environment size depending on NAND flash type
0001262: [U-Boot] Add support for PicoMOD7A and NetDCU14
0001259: [U-Boot] Combine PicoCOM3 and PicoMOD6 to a common S3C64XX platform
0001258: [NAND-FMD] Support different ECC computation modes for NBoot and the other partitions in NAND
0001257: [NAND-FMD] Allow dynamic MTD partition sizes depending on NAND flash type
0001256: [NAND-FMD] Allow NAND flashes with different block sizes
0001254: [U-Boot] Add commands update and install to manually trigger update/installation
0001253: [U-Boot] Long filenames not fully supported on VFAT devices
0001255: [SD/MMC] fss3c64xx: Switch from F&S NBoot driver to generic MMC driver
0001328: [U-Boot] Allow special argument value '.' to keep the default value
0001260: [Serial Driver/Interface] Allow different serial debug ports depending on board type
0001327: [SD/MMC] fss5pv210: Fix generic sdhci driver
0001333: [U-Boot] Improve update function (previously called autoload)
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