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0001159fss5pv210_LinuxRTCpublic2014-01-28 11:42
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionarmStoneA8-V1.1 
Target Versionfss5pv210-V2.0Fixed in Versionfss5pv210-V2.0 
Summary0001159: RTC does not run, it always shows the same time
DescriptionIf the system is in Linux, the RTC does not show any progress. It always shows the same time and no new time can be set.
Steps To ReproduceCall

  hwclock -r

a few times. There is no progress in time. Also

  hwclock -w

has no effect. The hardware clock does not accept the time.
Additional InformationThe original Samsung driver activated the register access (RTCEN) at start and only deactivated it when unloading. This caused the RTC to draw too much power from the battery while the system was running. Samsung tried to avoid this by stopping the rtc_clk while not accessing the clock registers. But then there is no base clock, so the clock will not run at all.

We modified the driver so that the RTCEN is only activated during the register access and deactivated immediately again afterwards. Therefore we could remove all the rtc_clk switching. However one clk_disable(rtc_clk) slipped through during this change.

Until the next version is out, there is a patch available in the forum (also attached to this report).
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2012-07-18 17:48

manager   ~0000734

Fixed in GIT repository