0002668: [SPI] Bad SPI timing on PicoCOMA5
0002442: [General] Add support for HGATEWAY in Linux
0002380: [Touch driver] File ft_app.i missing in Focaltech touch driver V2
0002179: [Touch driver] Atmel MXT touch does not work on Vybrid
0002513: [Display] Fix layer mapping and alpha blending on Vybrid DCU
0002459: [NAND-FMD] NAND driver reports "timeout waiting for Ready" when network traffic is high
0002382: [RTC] CUBEA5: System clock drifts for about 36s per hour
0002433: [Ethernet] After ethernet cable disconnects, driver sometimes hangs with error "eth0: tx queue full!."
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0003763: [Buildroot] Clean up F&S defconfigs
0003762: [Buildroot] The download sequence for CubeA7UL does not work
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0002441: [Hardware] Add support for HGATEWAY in U-Boot
0002678: [U-Boot] Add support for LEDs on HGATEWAY
0002067: [USB host] Add support for USB host on Vybrid
0002373: [U-Boot] _kernel_nfs, _kernel_usb* and _kernel_mmc* are missing the bootm command
0002348: [Ethernet] Add ethernet clock source detection for fsvybrid in U-Boot
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