0006242: [General] Add touchscreen calibration for SX8654
0006241: [General] Remove fbi image viewer tool from fus-image-std
0006240: [General] Update fsimx6 machine to Yocto 4.0
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0006196: [General] Adapt fus-uboot-bootpart.wks
0006195: [General] Update fsimx6ul machine to Yocto 4.0
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0006183: [General] conf:machine:fsimx93: enable 2d acceleration
0006184: [General] Improve linux-fus recipe for fsimx93
0006182: [General] Rework meta-fus structure
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0006189: [General] Update fsimx8mn machine to Yocto 4.0
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0005977: [General] Improve uboot update script for nand
0005976: [General] Remove Kernel Image from the rootfs
0005975: [General] Update fsimx8mm u-boot to 2021.04
0005888: [General] Add psplash package to standard image configuration
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0005921: [General] Add update script for updating NBoot, U-Boot and sysimg
0005920: [General] Remove U-Boot from sysimg
0005919: [General] Set default Linux terminal to vt100
0005918: [General] Add layer versions to the final image
0005917: [General] Add image for fsimx8mp basler camera support
0005916: [General] Fix out-of-tree kernel module building
0005915: [General] Add asound.state for wm8960 codec
0005914: [General] Add new packages to fus-image-std: fiwared, can-utils, libgpiod-tools, spitools
0005913: [General] Update meta-fus to Kirkstone (Yocto 4.0)
0005912: [General] Create standalone meta-fus repository
0005281: [CAN] Use can-utils instead of canutils
0005829: [Audio] Add dmix as default for asound.conf
0005681: [Audio] [PCore8MP] Audio record is not working
0005701: [WLAN] Add new mxm-wifiex driver to Yocto for Azurewave WLAN
0005797: [Display] efusmx8mp: Touch calibration values for RGB display not correct
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0005677: [General] fsimx8mp: Mount rootfs in rw mode
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Released by Anatol Derksen
0005659: [General] [imx-atf]: Add patches for fsimx8m(m,n,p) to imx-atf_2.2.bbappend
0005658: [General] Add support for fsimx8mp
0005657: [General] Fix partition sizes and offsets in WKS file
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0005560: [General] Improve fsimx6 machine
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0005547: [General] Fix fsimx8mm devicetree conf
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0005394: [General] Add M4 image to the emmc sysimg file of fsimx7ulp
0005393: [General] Fix environmentvariable TERM being set to @BAUDRATE@
0005391: [General] Create symlink for emmc-${MACHINE}.sysimage file
0005390: [General] Use newer weston-imx version
0005388: [General] Fix fs-installscript.bb form 32-Bit ARM targets
0005163: [General] The yocto-download script does not download the meta-mono layer anymore
0005387: [General] Add error handling for the install script with eMMC
0005386: [General] Fix passing of ethaddr for Silex WLAN module
0005385: [General] Improve tbs2 machine file
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0005202: [General] Add error handling for the install script with eMMC
0005201: [General] Fix passing of ethaddr for Silex WLAN module
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0005336: [General] Fix passing of ethaddr for Silex WLAN module
0005335: [General] Add firmware for sd8997
0005334: [General] Add support to build install.scr
0005333: [General] Fix core-image-minimal build
0005332: [General] Add updated device trees to fsimx6ul.conf
0005331: [General] Fix download for meta-mono layer
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0004270: [General] [fsimx-all] No login tty at the debug console at non fus-images
0005200: [General] Add fs-startscript for core-image-minimal
0005199: [General] Add display support for target fsimx8mn
0005198: [General] Improve support for target image fus-image-std
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0005197: [General] Add touch calibrator for Weston
0005196: [General] Improve support for target fsimx8mn to work in a correct way
0005195: [General] Remove archiving of sysimg
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0005192: [General] Update Yocto to NXP 5.4.70-2.3.2 release
0005193: [General] Add support for target fsimx8mp
0005191: [General] Remove xf86-input-libinput from XServer
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0005185: [General] Improve fsimx8mm machine file
0005189: [General] Improvements to support Yocto version 3.0 (Zeus)
0005186: [General] Improve target image fus-image-std
0005190: [General] Add support for FuS update framework
0005188: [General] Update yocto to work with kernel version 5.4.70
0005187: [General] Add new firmware for atmel touch mxt336
0005184: [General] Add machine for fsimx8mx-nano
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0005183: [General] Improve support for WIFI module 1MW from murata
0005182: [General] Remove kernel image from rootfs
0005181: [General] Remove kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv from linux-fus recipe
0005180: [General] Add support for target fsimx8mx
0004509: [General] Update Yocto to 3.0 (Zeus)
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0005194: [General] Improve support for target fsimx8mn
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0004508: [General] Update Yocto to 2.5 (sumo)
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0005179: [General] Add support for target fsimx7ulp under Yocto
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0004188: [General] Update Yocto to 2.4 (Rocko)
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0005146: [WLAN] MAC address does not get passed through for Silex WLAN module
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