0005244: [Kernel] Enable USB Type-C for picocoremx8mn-lpddr4
0005243: [Kernel] Improve tsc200x-core touchscreen driver
0005242: [Kernel] Improve display support for platform fsimx8mm/fsimx8mn
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0005172: [U-Boot] Fix commands to create F&S Updater volumes in fsimx8mn
0005054: [U-Boot] Correct boot from ubi environments to create F&S Updater volumes
0005041: [U-Boot] Add env import/export cmd
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0004270: [General] [fsimx-all] No login tty at the debug console at non fus-images
0005200: [General] Add fs-startscript for core-image-minimal
0005199: [General] Add display support for target fsimx8mn
0005198: [General] Improve support for target image fus-image-std
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