0005237: [Kernel] Improve dmaengine imx-sdma raise up channel0 priority after resume
0005236: [Kernel] Change naming for device trees of PicoCoreMX8MM_MN_Mx
0005235: [Kernel] Improve support for target fsimx8mn - USB-C, Display
0005234: [Kernel] Improve architecture fsimx6 PCIe setup
0005233: [Kernel] Improve support for picocom1.2 - UART configuration
0005232: [Kernel] Add support for picocoremx6ul revision 1.20
0005230: [Kernel] Add support for picocoremx6ul100 on platform fsimx6ul
0005229: [Kernel] Add full device-tree support for PicoCOMA7
0005228: [Kernel] Add Cortex-M7 support for platform fsimx8mp
0005227: [Kernel] Improve support for platform fsimx8mp
0005226: [Kernel] Add and improve display support for platform fsimx8mm
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0004946: [U-Boot] Add variant of PCoreMX8MN
0004945: [U-Boot] Add USB Type C OTG functionality
0004944: [U-Boot] Adjust NAND areas for fsimx8mn nboot
0004943: [U-Boot] Fix building process for fsimx8mm
0004942: [U-Boot] Remove unused folder fsimx8mx_nano
0004941: [U-Boot] In fat_fus.c, handle files > 2GB better
0004940: [U-Boot] On fsimx8mn, disable code to detect if running on secondary SPL
0004939: [U-Boot] Handle new eMMC layout on fsimx8mn
0004938: [U-Boot] Increase size for fs_sys_prompt[]
0004937: [U-Boot] Add correct fuse values for fsimx8mn
0004936: [U-Boot] Allow optional board-fdt in BOARD-CFG files
0004935: [U-Boot] Change ingress delay for KSZ9893R Ethernet switch on fsimx8mm/mn
0004934: [U-Boot] Add -ddr3l/-lpddr4 to device tree names for fsimx8mm/fsimx8mn
0004933: [U-Boot] Change fsimx8mn to use NBoot
0004932: [U-Boot] Move enum fsimg_mode from fs_image_common.h to fs_image_common.c
0004929: [U-Boot] Increase NBoot version to 2021.07
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0005197: [General] Add touch calibrator for Weston
0005196: [General] Improve support for target fsimx8mn to work in a correct way
0005195: [General] Remove archiving of sysimg
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