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0005146YoctoWLANpublic2022-01-25 15:45
Reportermueller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsimx6sx-Y2020.03 
Target Versionyocto-nextFixed in Versionyocto-next 
Summary0005146: MAC address does not get passed through for Silex WLAN module
DescriptionThe init.d script for passing the MAC address from bdinfo to the RAM area is not automatically enabled. Systemd creates a systemd unit for init.d scripts, but they are not activated.
Also the softlink to forward the MAC adrdress from the RAM area to the location of the module is missing.



2022-01-25 15:45

manager   ~0003827

Git-ID: 908d1143de04458209dbdf78c6f79bb0b82e2cda

Fix passing of ethaddr for Silex WLAN module

For Yocto the script S02silex now is replaced by the systemd unit
silex.service, which can already be enabled through a postinstall script
in the recipe.

The module loads the ethaddr through /lib/firmware/wlan/wlan_mac.bin, so
we need a softlink to the RAM area or else it is not possible to change
the ethaddr in a read-only filesystem.