0003924: [Kernel] Add support for MIPI-DSI display for PicoCoreMX7ULP
0005398: [Kernel] Improve fbdev mipi_dsi_northwest driv
0005397: [Kernel] Improve the EE0350ET-2CP driver for fbdev
0005396: [Kernel] Improve picocoremx7up device tree
0005395: [Kernel] Fix backlight polarity for rgt070qyh-13c
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0003558: [U-Boot] Add support for PicoCoreMX7ULP
0005384: [U-Boot] Fix fsimx7ulp reloction error
0005383: [U-Boot] Add GIGADEVICE gd25lq80c spi nand flash support
0005382: [U-Boot] Add picocoremx7ulp spi flash device support
0005381: [U-Boot] Increase fsimx7ulp default CMA size
0005380: [U-Boot] Improve imx7ulp reset cause handling
0005379: [U-Boot] Improve imx7ulp bootaux command
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0005394: [General] Add M4 image to the emmc sysimg file of fsimx7ulp
0005393: [General] Fix environmentvariable TERM being set to @BAUDRATE@
0005391: [General] Create symlink for emmc-${MACHINE}.sysimage file
0005390: [General] Use newer weston-imx version
0005388: [General] Fix fs-installscript.bb form 32-Bit ARM targets
0005163: [General] The yocto-download script does not download the meta-mono layer anymore
0005387: [General] Add error handling for the install script with eMMC
0005386: [General] Fix passing of ethaddr for Silex WLAN module
0005385: [General] Improve tbs2 machine file
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