0005310: [Kernel] Fix i2c frequency entry in device trees
0005309: [Kernel] Add support for TSC2004 on fsimx6ul
0005308: [Kernel] Add support for picocoremx6ul100 on architecture fsimx6ul
0005307: [Kernel] Improve support for picocoremx6ul revision 1.20
0005306: [Kernel] Add full device-tree support for PicoCOMA7
0005305: [Kernel] Add driver for lontium-lt9211 RGB2LVDS converter
0005304: [Kernel] Add support for RTC PCF85263
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0005326: [U-Boot] Change DACR to client access control to fix cache errors
0005325: [U-Boot] Add support for command fsimage
0005324: [U-Boot] Add support for picocoremx6ul100
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0005336: [General] Fix passing of ethaddr for Silex WLAN module
0005335: [General] Add firmware for sd8997
0005334: [General] Add support to build install.scr
0005333: [General] Fix core-image-minimal build
0005332: [General] Add updated device trees to fsimx6ul.conf
0005331: [General] Fix download for meta-mono layer
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