0005732: [Kernel] [aStoneMX8MP] Audio 44100Hz not supported
0005843: [Kernel] The bdinfo driver gives wrong hexvalues for multiple reads on the same file
0005827: [Kernel] [PCoreMX8MM/MN] GPIO5_IO17 is muxt wrong in the DTS
0005899: [Kernel] Update do Kernel 5.15.71
0005902: [Kernel] Add F&S Versioning for kernel and device tree
0005910: [Kernel] Fix picocoremx8mp Bluetooth error after suspend-to-mem
0005909: [Kernel] Add support to disable pin controls nodes in the device tree
0005908: [Kernel] Improve SDIO stability for Azurewave wlan chips
0005907: [Kernel] Improve fsimx8m variants uart clock speed
0005906: [Kernel] Add ast-adp-edt2 adapter support for efusmx8mp
0005905: [Kernel] Add imx8mp basler isp camera support
0005904: [Kernel] Add leds-pca963x-fus driver and revert the original to the mainline drive
0005903: [Kernel] Improve uart dma support
0005337: [Kernel] Add support for power on/off key
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0005939: [U-Boot] Uboot is now located in the boot partition of eMMC
0005937: [U-Boot] Relocate U-Boot and Environment in fsimage save if needed
0005938: [U-Boot] Have new NAND/MMC layouts for fsimx8mm/mn/mp
0005936: [U-Boot] Nboot can now be written to NAND flash with U-Boot
0005935: [U-Boot] Introduce crc32 checksums for fsimage save command
0005934: [U-Boot] Fix bootaux command
0005933: [U-Boot] Improve Uboot versioning
0005932: [U-Boot] Update to NXP u-boot-2021.04
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0005921: [General] Add update script for updating NBoot, U-Boot and sysimg
0005920: [General] Remove U-Boot from sysimg
0005919: [General] Set default Linux terminal to vt100
0005918: [General] Add layer versions to the final image
0005917: [General] Add image for fsimx8mp basler camera support
0005916: [General] Fix out-of-tree kernel module building
0005915: [General] Add asound.state for wm8960 codec
0005914: [General] Add new packages to fus-image-std: fiwared, can-utils, libgpiod-tools, spitools
0005913: [General] Update meta-fus to Kirkstone (Yocto 4.0)
0005912: [General] Create standalone meta-fus repository
0005281: [CAN] Use can-utils instead of canutils
0005829: [Audio] Add dmix as default for asound.conf
0005681: [Audio] [PCore8MP] Audio record is not working
0005701: [WLAN] Add new mxm-wifiex driver to Yocto for Azurewave WLAN
0005797: [Display] efusmx8mp: Touch calibration values for RGB display not correct
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