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0004188YoctoGeneralpublic2020-05-07 18:14
Reportergerbach Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfus-Y1.0 
Target Versionfsimx6-Y2020.03Fixed in Versionfsimx6-Y2020.03 
Summary0004188: Update Yocto to 2.4 (Rocko)
DescriptionRebase Yocto to newer version Yocto -> 2.4 (Rocko)



2020-02-05 12:10

developer   ~0003037

Last edited: 2020-02-05 12:17

Git commit: e34c2f7cf21b56d33f4c6ecc36a358dcb822b477

Update yocto to 2.4 (Rocko)

- Set yocto-download to rocko branch
- Adapt machine-files


2020-02-05 12:15

developer   ~0003038

Git commit: c54c74685b6b88559cd4477a98e2d178011cebd9

Fix recipe failure
    This package will be automatically installed. I tried to remove this but
    it doesnt work. For now we modify this recipe via sed command to support
    our machine files.
    This is not the final version just a quick and dirty version to compile
    yocto. Search for a better way to remove this recipe.


2020-02-05 12:16

developer   ~0003039

Git commit: 69a6054e233bdee4ece5f795300544dea4dae19c

Add support for fsimx7ulp

- Add necessary files and entrys to support fsimx7ulp


2020-02-05 12:18

developer   ~0003040

Git commit 86d23e183db7bc399040ecbbbd8722c18f61b531

Improve asound.state file for alsamixer
    Through new kernel version 4.9.88 we need a new file because some entrys
    has changed. Modify file for sgtl5000 and remove wm9715.
    Add wm9715 to asound.state file.


2020-02-05 12:21

developer   ~0003041

Git commit: f61496169fcb0f64991ad297f54e3a2f6cb41b97

Remove fs-startscript from fus-image-std
    Remove fs-startscript from our rootfs image. We have to check if it is
    necessary and then modify and add it again.


2020-02-05 12:22

developer   ~0003042

Git commit: 317c43369e7decda024ecee4a5c5c5589aed983b

Fix some errors so yocto-rocko can be build
    - Chromium and Firefox are not blacklisted anymore so the
    bbappend-files can be removed. This also fixes a naming issue
    with the chromuim.bbappend-file.
    - Rename the matchbox-keyboard.bbappend file and fix the .patch file so
    it can be applied again.
    - The F&S-Linux image now provides the kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv,
    because it gets build as a build-in. This fixes an ERROR LOADING
    KERNELMODULE-message at the boot-process.


2020-02-05 12:24

developer   ~0003043

Git commit: ffecaa4ea788980784774edc4f3b6ab7fa5b4973

Add new WLAN-driver based on B2019.11 release
    - The driver is now compiled form source
    - The Firmware is still installed as binary
    - The bbappend for removing kernel modules is not needed anymore,
    because the kernel modules are now used by the wifi driver
    - We apply the patches delivered from Silex to bluez5 and remove the
    - The patches are created for bluez-5.39 but we use 5-49 here. It seems
    to work with minor changes and the NXP-Patches do not add more but it
    may fail in special situations.


2020-02-05 12:25

developer   ~0003044

Git commit: 92e428938868e539e7957b1bcca68f724043e5d0

Update pseudo to version 1.9 to fix host-user-contaminated warning
    The generic pseudo version of yocto-rocko seems to be broken on fedora
    27 so we update to 1.9. This patch can be removed as soon as we update
    to yocto-sumo.


2020-02-05 12:26

developer   ~0003045

Git commit: e5872be5fa8f3717099b5d34761b3fea10e61f3a

Fix fus-image-qt5
    -The qtbase-fonts package is not available anymore and is replaced by
    the ttf-dejavu-common package
    -Remove the devel and mkspecs packages as they are to big and we
    cross-compile anyway
    -Add some qt-examples. Only qtbase-examples is installed by default.


2020-02-05 12:26

developer   ~0003046

Git commit : b06a22d5d46fef789a87e0487a5b291b2920e6eb

Add support for wayland and x11 on imx6ul
    - Add a xorg.conf file for imx6ul so x11 uses fbdev
    - Prevent imx-weston from beeing used for the imx6ul, because it depends
    on a GPU and the 6ul doesn't have one


2020-02-05 12:27

developer   ~0003047

Git commit: 9ede435d3c89443e0747e3170bb654417a6d698b

Fix licence file ckecksum for u-boot
    Just for gitlab CI. Now the checksum and the u-boot version do not match


2020-02-05 12:28

developer   ~0003048

Git commit: 88da5ac8eccef4eb5c778f8798943cf507c0d86e

Fix different minor things
    - Remove ext3 from image types because sdcard builds ext4 aniway
    - set SDCARD_ROOTFS to ext4
    - add fedora-27 to tested building distros
    - update asound.state
    - add fs-startscript so enviroment variable $DSIPLAY gets set again
    - set prefered provider for 7ulp graphics


2020-02-05 12:30

developer   ~0003049

Git commit: 819c73cf3d241fe1e56170bedf5a6f4b889ed2da

Add devicetree for gar2

    Add the devicetree for the garderos 2 board.


2020-02-11 10:13

developer   ~0003051

Git commit: f926d4c01a8b920c164421b602235fc28618e668

 Fix installation of QT-fonts only for wayland bug
    The QT fonts where only installed for wayland because
    QT5_IMAGE_INSTALL_imxpxp was overwritten.
    Now we install the fonts for all distros


2020-02-11 10:15

developer   ~0003052

Git commit: 87aa45f1b433c4c25a6ba13c052431723afb3d42

Rework yocto built enviroment creation
    Until now we just used NXPs script for creating the
    built environment. This had several disadvantages like having to add our
    layers in the global source/ directory instead of the local conf
    directory, where they belong.
    Now we use the wrapper script to call the This way we can add out layers after the local
    build directory was created and add further configurations to the build.
    Also, a help message has been added, that is shown by calling -h.


2020-02-11 10:16

developer   ~0003053

Git commit: 652bb6e772366605ddcddb0b62d5049386feb222

Remove optee package from the built environment
    See git commit c54c74685b6b88559cd4477a98e2d178011cebd9nf
    Fix recipe failure
    Instead of adding our boards to the optee package, we now remove the
    whole optee package from the built.
    This is because optee requires also hardcoded board types in its source
    We can add our boards to se source code via patches
    as soon as we have tested optee on our boards.


2020-02-11 10:18

developer   ~0003054

Last edited: 2020-02-11 10:19

Git commit: bd50fcc5555dcd10e4598261914bb33dccbc7cfb

Add read-only filesystem option to fus-images
    Until now all fus-yocto images had read-writeable rootfile systems by
    default. But the linux-kernel mounted the rootfs as read-only as it was
    set in the FuS u-boot parameter "mode". This led to an ubifs assertion
    when booting the rootfs for the first time and the u-boot parameter was
    Now the user has to decide at build time, whether he wants an rw or ro
    rootfs. This can be done by handing over the option "-m ro" or "-m rw"
    to the script. The default will be ro.
    Also in an existing built the mode can be changed by adding or removing
    the line
    EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs" from the local.conf
    The default "mode"-variable in the uboot will be set automatically and
    should not be changed afterward. The roofs can still be remounted as rw
    or ro after the boot process.


2020-02-11 10:19

developer   ~0003055

Git commit: d653075744e5ddef3b521e755017a59fc7b639c7

Add fus-image-mono
    The fus mono image should help customers to check whether their
    .NET-framework application is portable to Linux or not.
    It has the open-source framework Mono preinstalled so the user can try
    to run their .NET application and see if all the necessary libraries are
    It is only available for x11 for now because of the dependency of


2020-02-11 10:20

developer   ~0003056

Git commit: 0d22c75d6c4147857872c72b2e90944a79b0c38d

Update .gitignore


2020-02-19 12:12

developer   ~0003059

Git commit: 0a768966d91d7985ab63360705deed8406bc7263

Improve naming of Linux-kernel and Uboot in recipes
    The linux kernel and uboot now have a generic name in the recipes.
    This simplifies the automatic build process because of the names of the
    final linux/uboot versions are no longer required in advance.
    Now a softlink to respective verison has to be be created in the release
    linux-fus.tar.bz2 -> Linux-kerenel
    u-boot-fus.tar.bz2 -> Uboot
    u-boot-fsimx7ulp.tar.bz2 -> Uboot-7ulp
    The name of the directory inside the archive has to be:
    linux-fus for the Linux-kerenel
    u-boot-fus for the Uboot
    u-boot-fsimx7ulp for the Uboot-7ulp

Git commit: ae1a4a6c2d525cf56aeba95e4ec60d56528e35db

Fix Linux-kernel and Uboot recipes
    - Add generic kernel and uboot version to sourcefiles
    - Remove "fus" from fsimx7ulp uboot name


2020-02-21 13:53

developer   ~0003063

Git commit : 36bd74eca40134e801cb487a0b41f741e7e86f0e

Add to fus-images
    The adds colors to the output of ls,
    to improve the readability and adds a confirmation request to cp mv and


2020-02-21 13:55

developer   ~0003064

Git commit: dd398c6186b8d591c90f02288fd68906feb52d76

Add DISTRO variable to fus-distros
    NXP sets this variables in their distro files.
    We overwrite them with our distro names.


2020-03-02 11:11

developer   ~0003066

Git commit: a844474a4459d6b62da2f5ff48e1fa0df6e1c996

Set root file systems rw by default again
    We set the root file system to read-write by default again,
    because it is the default for Yocto and most Yocto-users will expect
    Also, the read-only filesystem does not seem to be tested as well.


2020-03-06 10:33

developer   ~0003068

Git commit: 52f5f095289175828c772ae284d6b87019b8783e

Remove matchbox from xwayland build
    Matchbox-panel has a dependency to gtk+3 with x11.
    meta-freescale/recipes-graphics/gtk+/gtk+3_%.bbappend removes x11 from
    gtk+ if wayland is in DISTRO so matchbox can not be build.
    Also, the fsl-image-validation-imx just supports the weston desktop for
    xwayland so we will do this for now too.


2020-03-13 14:17

developer   ~0003072

Last edited: 2020-03-13 14:18

Git commit: 4c1857da082f590dac4eab946ddbab61eba19ed1

Fix failed hostname service on armstonea9r2
    We disable the automatic start of the bluetooth.service, because
    it starts the bluetoothd daemon, which at this stage tries to
    get the host name via hostnamed.service. The net namespace feature
    is not activated in the Linux Kernel by now, so it fails.
    The bluetoothd daemon has to be stated by hand after boot up.


2020-03-13 14:18

developer   ~0003073

Git commit: 961e5bd1f42f87c599e4fdb1e5dd4be2791195f0

Add setting login console via bdinfo for imx6_all
    Setting SERIAL_CONSOLE = "FUS_LOGIN_CONSOLE" now opens a login at
    the tty defined in the uboot environment variable "login"
    By this the login console can be set dynamicly from uboot and login
    console and debug console can be set do different outputs.
    You can also specify a login here with e.g
    SERIAL_CONSOLE = "115200 ttymxc1"
    but this will also always open a login at the linux debug console
    as it is systemd default.


2020-04-02 10:35

developer   ~0003112

Git commit: e8b4709949ed2805ae4180af568d5a100767e4dd

Update history file to yocto-2.4-fsimx6-Y2020.03


2020-04-02 10:36

developer   ~0003113

Git commit: 27e0a9224df11337a95f3208bf9865cd151d7f4d

Update history file to yocto-2.4-fsimx6sx-Y2020.03


2020-04-02 10:37

developer   ~0003114

Git commit: ca173df258e3b53e015823f4126fec8dd02f099e

Update history file to yocto-2.4-fsimx6ul-Y2020.03