0005217: [Kernel] Improve drivers/rtc/systohc.c
0005216: [Kernel] Improve atmel_mxt_ts.c touch
0005215: [Kernel] Improve configuration for platform fsimx8mm
0005214: [Kernel] Improve support for ksz ethernet switches
0005213: [Kernel] Improve graphic and backlight support
0005212: [Kernel] Add support for CAN-FD chip MCP251xfd
0005211: [Kernel] Fixup device-trees for platform fsimx8mm/fsimx8mn
0005210: [Kernel] Improve display support for fsimx8m/fsimx8mm/fsimx8m
0005209: [Kernel] Improve support for platform fsimx8mn
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0004855: [U-Boot] Improve FDT support and naming for fsimx8mx-nano
0004856: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mm target
0004857: [U-Boot] Improve fec_mxc fixed link support for DM
0004858: [U-Boot] Remove target fsimx8mx
0004861: [U-Boot] Improve feature support for fsimx8mm
0004860: [U-Boot] Fix compilation warnings for fsimx8mm
0004859: [U-Boot] Remove arch/arm/mach-imx/mx8mx
0004919: [U-Boot] Change NBoot version to current one
0004918: [U-Boot] Remove setting ethaddr for WLAN on fsimx8mm
0004917: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mm linux fdt fixups
0004916: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mm KSZ9893 Switch setup
0004915: [U-Boot] Improve fs_board_common environment variable setup
0004914: [U-Boot] Fix-up for devicetrees fsimx8mm
0004913: [U-Boot] Add support for resetting phy via device tree entry
0004912: [U-Boot] Fix CONFIG_ENV_SIZE to 16KB
0004911: [U-Boot] Fix DSI_PHY_REF clock settings
0004910: [U-Boot] Fix have-eth-switch config entry to have-eth-phy
0004909: [U-Boot] Set boardinfo.name to PicoCoreMX8MX for boards with 8mx config
0004908: [U-Boot] Fix addfsheade.sh for yocto build
0004907: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Fix handling for PicoCoreMX8MX
0004906: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Add all current BOARD-CFGs
0004905: [U-Boot] Add CONFIG_SPL/TPL_AUTOBUILD, do not build SPL by default on fsimx8mm
0004904: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Handle device tree fixup more cleanly
0004903: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Drop debug output, rename MTD partition Spl to NBoot
0004902: [U-Boot] Fix nand_spl_load_image() in case of bad blocks
0004901: [U-Boot] Also write U-BOOT files in command fsimage save
0004900: [U-Boot] Also use indendation in scripts/fsimage.sh
0004899: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Add MMC loading/saving, refactor fsimage code
0004898: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Have separate nboot-info for NAND and MMC
0004897: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: When loading U-Boot, provide offset values from nboot-info
0004896: [U-Boot] Allow NAND environment offsets in device tree
0004895: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: On eMMC, load environment from boot partition
0004894: [U-Boot] Handle kernel, fdt and rootfs according to boot device
0004893: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Add fuse subcommand for fsimage
0004892: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Get rid of fs_nboot_args and use cfg_info instead
0004891: [U-Boot] Add fsimage command to handle NBoot images
0004890: [U-Boot] Allow using function fdt_print() from outside of cmd/fdt.c
0004889: [U-Boot] fdt_support.c: Fix bug in fdt_getprop_u32_default_node()
0004888: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Identify boot system with NXP boot devices
0004887: [U-Boot] fsimx8mm: Add nboot-info for BOARD-CFGs, use .*.tmp files in Makefile
0004886: [U-Boot] Move fs_image.[ch] from fsimx8mm to common
0004885: [U-Boot] Have environment in NAND or MMC on fsimx8mm
0004884: [U-Boot] Use new MTD partition layout on fsimx8mm, clean up boot srategies
0004883: [U-Boot] fs_image.c: Have two copies of BOARD-CFG and FIRMWARE
0004882: [U-Boot] mxs_nand_spl: Do not stop when ONFI version is unknown
0004881: [U-Boot] mxs_nand: Reduce malloc usage in SPL
0004880: [U-Boot] cli_hush: Add support for indirect parameter expansion
0004879: [U-Boot] Add fs_board_get_boot_device_from_fuses() to fs_board_common.c
0004878: [U-Boot] Add nboot build process for fsimx8mm
0004877: [U-Boot] Change SPL on fsimx8mm to use F&S NBoot images to boot
0004876: [U-Boot] Add fs_image library to load and handle F&S images on fsimx8mm
0004875: [U-Boot] Add streaming option to SDP protocol
0004874: [U-Boot] Fix Kconfig prompt for MXC GPIO driver
0004873: [U-Boot] Add fsimage script
0004872: [U-Boot] New version of addfsheader as a script, remove old C version
0004871: [U-Boot] Add Kconfig options to create a disassembler listing
0004870: [U-Boot] Also use memalign_simple() in SPL, not only malloc_simple()
0004867: [U-Boot] Append for commit "Add support for I2C_GPIO to configure switch on fsimx8mm"
0004866: [U-Boot] Add support for I2C_GPIO to configure switch on fsimx8mm
0004865: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mm mac address setup
0004864: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mm SPL settings
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0005185: [General] Improve fsimx8mm machine file
0005189: [General] Improvements to support Yocto version 3.0 (Zeus)
0005186: [General] Improve target image fus-image-std
0005190: [General] Add support for FuS update framework
0005188: [General] Update yocto to work with kernel version 5.4.70
0005187: [General] Add new firmware for atmel touch mxt336
0005184: [General] Add machine for fsimx8mx-nano
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