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0004880UBootU-Bootpublic2021-10-05 10:50
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Target Versionfsimx8mm-Y2021.04Fixed in Versionfsimx8mm-Y2021.04 
Summary0004880: cli_hush: Add support for indirect parameter expansion
Descriptioncli_hush: Add support for indirect parameter expansion

Add indirect parameter expansion to the Hush Command Line Interface.
Like in bash, this is done by adding an exclamation mark in front of
a variable name.
Indirect expansion means that not the value of the variable itself is
returned, but the value is used as the name of a second variable, and
the value of that second variable is finally returned.
  setenv text_A foo
  setenv text_B bar
  setenv name text_B
  echo ${!name}
This will show "bar". The variable name has the content "text_B", so
this is used as the name of the variable to actually use. So in the
end, the content of variable text_B is returned, which is "bar".
This can be used to compute variable names. For example if you have a
variable mode that is set to either "A" or "B", then you can call
the appropriate text with
  setenv name text_$mode
  echo ${!name}
The first command constructs the name of the variable by using the
prefix "text_" and adding the content of variable mode. So name will
either be set to "text_A" or "text_B". This name is then used to
access the real variable. So if mode contains "A", the final output
is "foo", if it contains "B", the output is "bar".
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