0005550: [General] Improve picocoremx8mmr2 device tree
0005549: [General] Improve realtek driver
0005548: [General] Support more features for Realtek PHY
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0005556: [General] Disable ethernet before booting linux for fsimx8mm
0005555: [General] Disable phy CLKOUT for PicoCoremx8MMr2
0005554: [General] Improve picocoremx8mmr2 device tree
0005553: [General] Enable ALDPS mode and disable EEE LED indication
0005552: [General] Move LED configuration of Realtek PHY to board_phy_config
0005551: [General] Change ingress delay for KSZ9893R Ethernet switch on fsimx8mm/mn
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0005547: [General] Fix fsimx8mm devicetree conf
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