0005208: [Kernel] Add support for KSZ9893 ETH switch
0005207: [Kernel] Improve support for platform fsimx8mm
0005206: [Kernel] Fix audio clock settings in armstonea9qdl.dtsi
0005205: [Kernel] Improve display support for fsimx8m/fsimx8mm/fsimx8m
0005204: [Kernel] Fixup for kernel upgrade to 5.4.24
0005203: [Kernel] Update kernel to version 5.4.24
0004598: [Kernel] Backlight flickers from backlight off to value !=0
0004596: [Kernel] The initialization of CAN MCP251XFD doesn´t work all the time
0004514: [Kernel] Add support for RTC PCF85263
0004495: [Kernel] Add support for display NewVision NV3051D
0004376: [Kernel] Add support for panel sitronix ST7703
0004374: [RTC] Improve rtc-pcf85263 driver - clock generation
0004373: [CAN] Add support for MCP25XXFD chip
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0004505: [U-Boot] Improve support for target fsim8mm
0004845: [U-Boot] Improve bd71837 pmic driver
0004844: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mx support
0004843: [U-Boot] Improve uart4 support for tbs2
0004842: [U-Boot] Add FS Update Support for fsimx8mm
0004841: [U-Boot] Disable display support for fsimx8mx_nano
0004840: [U-Boot] Add fsimx8mx_nano support
0004839: [U-Boot] Improve fsimx8mx defconfigs
0004838: [U-Boot] Improve linux,cma size settings for fsimx8mx
0004837: [U-Boot] Disable display support for fsimx8mx
0004836: [U-Boot] Fix build warnigs for n535521 mipi driver
0004835: [U-Boot] Improve MIPI-DSI PMS restriction values
0004834: [U-Boot] Improve support for static board config
0004833: [U-Boot] Fix fsimx8mx nand defconfig
0004832: [U-Boot] Use legacy ethernet driver for fsimx8mx
0004831: [U-Boot] Improve DRAM size detection for fsimx8mx
0004830: [U-Boot] Improve DRAM size configuration for fsimx8mx
0004847: [U-Boot] Improve fixed config for fsimx8mx
0004846: [U-Boot] Add possibility to set cma size via DTS for fsimx8mx
0004829: [U-Boot] Fix fsimx8mx RAM timings
0004828: [U-Boot] Add support for target TBS2
0004507: [U-Boot] Wrong character in debug messages
0004506: [U-Boot] Add support to read phy address from device-tree for fec_mxc
0004504: [U-Boot] Improve USB and Display support for PicoCOMA7
0004502: [U-Boot] Improve IOMUX_PAD macros
0004501: [U-Boot] Improve serial devices and netconsole implementation
0004498: [U-Boot] Board hangs for devices which have MMC as bootdevice
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0005183: [General] Improve support for WIFI module 1MW from murata
0005182: [General] Remove kernel image from rootfs
0005181: [General] Remove kernel-module-imx-gpu-viv from linux-fus recipe
0005180: [General] Add support for target fsimx8mx
0004509: [General] Update Yocto to 3.0 (Zeus)
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