Released 2015-09-04
0002590: [eMMC] Improve IO performance
0002622: [SD/MMC] MicroSDCard are not accessible after reboot over reset button
0002497: [Display] GCHAL driver outputs some unneeded messages on serial debug line.
0002458: [Kernel] Add support to read the CPU temperature
0002729: [AIN] SetFilePointer for switching channel does not work.
0002726: [DIO] IRQCfg=0 or IRQCfg=4 doesn't disable interrupt. It works like low level IRQ.
0002725: [General] C2013E: Add checkautostart.exe
0002710: [Kernel] QBlissA9 Data Abort at startup
0002669: [Audio] PicoMODA9 - implement audio driver (useable for >= HW1.10)
0002663: [Serial Driver/Interface] UART3 (COM3:) does not work (ASA9 only)
0002565: [Serial Driver/Interface] armStoneA9: COM3: doesn't work
0002432: [SD/MMC] Internal SD Card is not recognized (PMA9 only)
0002657: [Kernel] Add interface to read bootloaders
0002660: [FS Firmware] Allocated memory is not released
0002659: [Kernel] Improve error handling while read CPU temprature
0002656: [Kernel] Add interface to write bootloaders
0002642: [NSPI] Provide setting for adjust delay between command- and data bytes
0002652: [NSPI] SPI2(SPIA) doesn't work
0002644: [Kernel] C2013: Add component "Daylight Saving"
0002616: [NSPI] Chip select does toggel within one SPI transfer (PM9 only)
0002634: [NSPI] SPI Mode 2, 3 does not work and leads to unrecoverable misbehaviour
0002621: [NSPI] Implement IRQ Mode
0002627: [NSPI] SPI clock could not adjusted via registry
0002602: [NSPI] Write/Read more than four bytes cause driver crash
0002597: [NSPI] WriteFile transfers always multiple of four bytes
0002608: [General] CE2013: Batch files (.bat/.cmd) in folder StartUp are not working
       0002609: [General] CE2013: Files in folder StartUp are not started by default.
0002596: [NSPI] Clk and Mosi pins show no activity (ASA9 only (?))
0002553: [Kernel] C2013: Controlpanel item "Network and Dial-Up Connectors" is not working
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