Released 2018-09-26
F3S not working
0003467: [PARINTF Driver] SYSGEN_BSP_FS_PARINTF not set
0003172: [Timer driver] Improve timer driver
0003327: [Serial Driver/Interface] CTS is not properly detected
0002890: [Serial Driver/Interface] RTS/CTS does not work.
0003413: [Touch driver] Add support for multi-touch HY461x
0003396: [Display] DEN signal is not working (NetDCUA9 only)
0002881: [NAND-FMD] Write failure will not be handled
0003372: [USB host] USB Full Speed devices do not work
0003348: [Touch driver] NetDCU9: Touch is not working anymore
0003346: [CAN] NetDCUA9: CID1 and CID2 are inverted contrary previous NetDCUX version
0003053: [CAN] While only read messages interrupt may be missed
0003339: [HDMI] Some resolutions are not working if boot screen is activated.
0003321: [AIN] Add support for AIN (NetDCUA9 only)
0003316: [FSMinShell] Background bitmap can't be loaded (WEC2013 only)
0003313: [CEDDK] Correct IO table for QBlissA9r2
0003303: [Touch driver] Touch WM9715 react sometimes very slow (NetDCUA9 only).
0003304: [NAND-FMD] Deactivation of FCR doesn't work correctly.
0003302: [General] Add support for QBlissA9r2
0003295: [Touch driver] Add support for cap. touch controller SiS9255
0003299: [Touch driver] Add support for cap. touch controller EXT3000
0003298: [NI2C] Setting values of drive strength and pull up doesn't work
0003294: [NI2C] Bus toggle doesn't work correctly if it is lock up
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