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0003294FSiMX6NI2Cpublic2017-09-06 08:28
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionV2.40 
Target VersionV2.50Fixed in VersionV2.50 
Summary0003294: Bus toggle doesn't work correctly if it is lock up
DescriptionIf i2c lines check is activated bus toggle doesn't work correctly.
Additional InformationProblem description:

From I2C Spec.
3.1.16 Bus clear
In the unlikely event where the clock (SCL) is stuck LOW, the preferential procedure is to reset the bus using the HW reset signal if your I2C devices have HW reset inputs. If the I2C devices do not have HW reset inputs, cycle power to the devices to activate the mandatory internal Power-On Reset (POR) circuit.
If the data line (SDA) is stuck LOW, the master should send nine clock pulses. The device that held the bus LOW should release it sometime within those nine clocks. If not, then use the HW reset or cycle power to clear the bus.

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Found Driver VersionV1.0
Fixed Driver VersionV1.1


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