Released 2022-03-03
So far only tested with efusA9r2-V3-W13, armStoneA9-V2.3I-W13
0005075: [CEDDK] Add/correct efus IO table for pins 167, 169.
0005272: [Ethernet] efusA9r2: Add support
0005277: [Ethernet] Add support for Realtek phy RTL8211F
0003245: [Kernel] C2013: Add all updates up to Windows Embedded Compact 2013 - March 2021
0004816: [CEDDK] Pin 59 is not configurable as IRQ
0004755: [PWM] Add support for PWM1,2 on efusA9
0002778: [Ethernet] Add possibility to limit transfer speed to 100MBit
0004679: [FCR] Problems with USB stick stops booting process
0004610: [NAND-FMD] Improve ECC error handling
0004058: [Serial Driver/Interface] UARTIntf driver for NetDCUA9 may hang
0004626: [RTC] Adding a mechanism for monitoring the 3V battery
0004574: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add Registry for adjust read/write chip select assertion/negation (UART interfaces connected via EIM only)
0004560: [CEDDK] Add/correct efus IO table for pins 161, 183, 187, 191
0004590: [Display] Add support for RGB standard display (SVGA, XGA)
0004563: [Kernel] Daylight saving time may jumping ahead one hour after each reboot
0004553: [Audio] WEC13 Audio does not work: EFA9 ASA9 ASA9R2 PMA9
0004554: [FSMinShell] Save of HKLM is done after each reboot
0004491: [General] Add Windows Embedded Compact 7 updates up to 2019M12 (Update74)
0004527: [Matrix keyboard] Wrong scancodes received a reboot is required for resolution
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