0004656: [Hardware] Improve USB-C host mode setup
0004649: [Hardware] U11 incorrect output naming
0004806: [MISC] Soldering problems on USB Type-C connector
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0004654: [MISC] PicoCore reboots while getting into suspend mode
0004623: [MISC] Wrong I2C address setting for U30
0004624: [MISC] Cannot reset USB HUB Port
0004613: [MISC] False resistor combination at Reset & OnOff Button
0004567: [MISC] Add connetor for SPI_A
0004566: [MISC] Excange GPIO_J1_2 and GPIO_J1_52
0004559: [MISC] Remove LDO U22 for VDD_SNVS.
0004558: [CAN] Remove MCP2515 and use CAN interface from PicoCore J1-pin10 and J1-pin12
0004545: [MISC] The load of the PicoCore module is too high for U24.
0004536: [MISC] RS485 does not work.
0004382: [Hardware] RS485 does not work.
0004546: [USB host] PicoCore does a reboot while activating the USB host port.
0004547: [USB device] PicoCore does a reboot while activating the USB device Ports.
0004551: [Camera] Add second camera connector with 4-Lanes for PicoCoreMX8MP
0004549: [Camera] Change connector J12 to a 28 pol. hirose connector and connect 4 lanes
0004535: [MISC] Add testpoints to all unconnected pins of the picocore connectors if possible.
0004390: [MISC] Add support for PicoCoreMX8M+
0004548: [MISC] Remove LDO U22 for VDD_SNVS.
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0004344: [MISC] Connect PWM (J2_63) to GPIO connector
0004322: [MISC] Reset pin for I2C_B isn't available
0004346: [MISC] Change SP3232 to SP330E to be able to use UART_B optional as RS485
0004345: [MISC] Connect UART_A_RTS and UART_A_CTS to GPIO connector
0004343: [MISC] Add esd protection to SD and LVDS/MIPI-DSI
0004342: [MISC] Connect SD_B signals to the GPIO connector
0004321: [MISC] Wrong voltage supply on JTAG connector
0004278: [I2C] Pullup at IRQ pin I2C_B_IRQ is too high
0004235: [MISC] Connector Annotations are not true
0004227: [MISC] SPI pins on J13 are not connected to PicoCore B2B connector
0004223: [Hardware] Wrong Reset Pin on J16
0004203: [MISC] Reset pin on USB2514 has wrong voltage
0004149: [CAN] Reset pin on MCP2515 has wrong voltage
0004082: [MISC] Nameing of UARTs is different zu PicoCore
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0004073: [MISC] Connect GPIO to J2 pin 28 for mipi display reset signal
0003881: [Camera] connect 24Mhz oscillator to J24 for camera
0004080: [MISC] CON_AUDIO_HP_MIC GROUND and MIC should be switched to fulfill the more common CTAI standard
0004077: [PCIexpress] LEDs for mPCIe are in reverse direction.
0004079: [MISC] Add pin 1 marker
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