0004344: [MISC] Connect PWM (J2_63) to GPIO connector
0004322: [MISC] Reset pin for I2C_B isn't available
0004346: [MISC] Change SP3232 to SP330E to be able to use UART_B optional as RS485
0004345: [MISC] Connect UART_A_RTS and UART_A_CTS to GPIO connector
0004343: [MISC] Add esd protection to SD and LVDS/MIPI-DSI
0004342: [MISC] Connect SD_B signals to the GPIO connector
0004321: [MISC] Wrong voltage supply on JTAG connector
0004278: [I2C] Pullup at IRQ pin I2C_B_IRQ is too high
0004235: [MISC] Connector Annotations are not true
0004227: [MISC] SPI pins on J13 are not connected to PicoCore B2B connector
0004223: [Hardware] Wrong Reset Pin on J16
0004203: [MISC] Reset pin on USB2514 has wrong voltage
0004149: [CAN] Reset pin on MCP2515 has wrong voltage
0004082: [MISC] Nameing of UARTs is different zu PicoCore
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