0004258: [General] [i.MX7ULP][ALL]: Improve naming of supported boards
0004257: [General] [i.MX7ULP][freertos_tickless]: Fix button
0004256: [General] [i.MX7ULP] [sai]: Fix compiler warnings
0004255: [General] [i.MX7ULP][power_mode_switch]: Disable GPIO_PAD_LOW_POWER define again
0004250: [General] [i.MX7ULP] [power_mode_switch]: Improve power off state
0004249: [General] Add audio support for SGTL5000 audio codec
0004207: [General] [i.MX7ULP] [power_mode_switch] After the update to SDK 2.5.1 a imx7ulp-EVK-specific define got enabled by default.
0004098: [General] Update to NXP MCUXpresso SDK 2.5.1
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