0005473: [General] Fixed some examples related to canfd, flexcan and i2c
0005471: [General] Update MCUXpresso SDK version to 2.10.0
0005154: [General] Add support for target fsimx8mp
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0005153: [General] Check target fsimx8mm examples with MCUXpresso SDK version to 2.9.1
0005152: [General] Update MCUXpresso SDK version to 2.9.1
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0004265: [General] [i.MX8MM]: Add support for i.MX8MM boards
0004266: [General] [ALL]: Improve build directory structure
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0004261: [General] [ALL][ALL]: Update version to sdk_2.7.0
0004260: [General] [ALL][ALL]: Update version to sdk_2.6.0
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0004262: [General] [i.MX6SX] [ALL]: Update all examples to new SDK_2.7.0 version
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0004258: [General] [i.MX7ULP][ALL]: Improve naming of supported boards
0004257: [General] [i.MX7ULP][freertos_tickless]: Fix button
0004256: [General] [i.MX7ULP] [sai]: Fix compiler warnings
0004255: [General] [i.MX7ULP][power_mode_switch]: Disable GPIO_PAD_LOW_POWER define again
0004250: [General] [i.MX7ULP] [power_mode_switch]: Improve power off state
0004249: [General] Add audio support for SGTL5000 audio codec
0004207: [General] [i.MX7ULP] [power_mode_switch] After the update to SDK 2.5.1 a imx7ulp-EVK-specific define got enabled by default.
0004098: [General] Update to NXP MCUXpresso SDK 2.5.1
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0004253: [General] [i.MX6SX] [hello_world_x]: Fix compiler warnings
0004252: [General] [i.MX6SX] [ALL]: Move DRAM examples to the first 256MB of the RAM
0004251: [General] [i.MX6SX] [ALL]: Improve RAM linker file
0004248: [General] Improve print message of prepare script
0004099: [General] Switch input UART clock from 80 MHz to 24 MHz
0004097: [General] Add support for PicoCoreMX6SX
0004096: [General] Port FreeRTOS BSP (fsimx6sx) to new MCUXpresso SDK
0004092: [General] Add example for different memory regions
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0004093: [General] Add FS FreeRTOS support for PicoCoreMX7ULP
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0004091: [General] Improve M4 clock-handling
0004090: [General] Improve build process
0004089: [General] Add .gitignore file
0004088: [General] Improve FS FreeRTOS examples
0004087: [General] Remove some PATH from settings.conf
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0004086: [General] Add support for F&S boards efusA9X and PicoCOMA9X
0004085: [General] Add original FreeRTOS BSP 1.0.1 from NXP to GIT
0004084: [General] Default root for FreeRTOS
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