Released 2019-11-12
0004827: [Serial Driver/Interface] UARTIntf driver hangs up if no adapter is plugged in
0003153: [RTC] Improve timer functions to avoid corrupted values
0004062: [Touch driver] SX865x may not work after touch down while boot process
0003988: [Touch driver] Add support for common ILITEK touch modules using protocol V3.X data format
0003355: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add UARTIntf driver for NetDCUA9
0003354: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add parinft driver for NetDCUA9
0003877: [Touch driver] SX865X: check if a chip reset by ESD occured
0003920: [PARINTF Driver] Driver works not at the same time with matrix keyboard
0003928: [AIN] Improve performance. Sampling an adc channel sometimes takes ~1 sec.
0003896: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add registry for UART2 (QBlissA9r2 only)
0003895: [Serial Driver/Interface] Debug port is not useable from OS (QBlissA9r2 only)
0003846: [Touch driver] Add support for EETI Multi-Touch EXC80H/EXC82H
0003806: [DIO] Wait for interrupt returns immediately (seems refer to IOPin7 on NetDCUA9 only)
0003559: [CAN] Received frames with RTR bit are not recognized
0003541: [Display] Using boot screen backlight brightness is not adjustable via I2C
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