Released 2017-05-29
0003219: [Kernel] Reboot via "ndcucfg" does not work
0003106: [PCIexpress] Add support for PCIe bus
0002817: [USB host] USB keyboard does not work after reset on armStoneA9r2
0003101: [USB host] At fast plug in some USB devices may not recognized
0002931: [Ethernet] No communication on 10MBit with Autonegotiation
0003226: [Display] RGB: Mode 6 and 19 shows some wrong colors in vertical direction (DriveStrength to low)
0003225: [Display] Add 24BPP output width for DRGB interface
0003044: [Display] Background color of buttons don't work
0003224: [OAL] Baudrate settings from nboot are not used, always set to 115200
0003055: [USB host] USB host stop working after several hours of operation
0002841: [USB host] After unplug and plug in a USB Device after several hours of operation the device may not recognized any more
0002632: [NSPI] Implement default registry for use of second chip select (efusA9 only)
0002992: [General] Add support for NetDCUA9
0002895: [Kernel] Starting client special program, after running several hours, it came some exceptions.
0003156: [Bluetooth] Add bluetooth support for Marvel SDIO8787
0002842: [Kernel] Add support for video acceleration (WEC7 only)
0003182: [Ethernet] Improve UDP/TCP communication functionality
0003177: [ETHMAN] ETHMAN hangs when no shell is registered
0003176: [FSMinShell] ETHMAN doesn't start because of missing shell API registration
0003045: [General] Compact 2013: Mouse moves to 0/0 when dialog is closed
0003154: [Touch driver] Add support for mTouch AR1100 Resistive Touch Screen Controller (WEC7 only)
0003125: [NAND-FMD] Add basic support for background scan of stored data
0003124: [NAND-FMD] Improve read/write access
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