Released 2016-12-07
0003074: [NI2C] Repeated start does not work
0003040: [NI2C] Sometimes occurs an exception while boot process
0002818: [WLAN] WEC2013: Network config dialog doesn't pop-up
0003112: [General] Add Windows Embedded Compact 2013 updates up to 2016M10
0003111: [General] Add Windows Embedded Compact 7 updates up to 2016M09
0003109: [F3S] Improve file search
0002981: [Display] While using bootscreen feature display is some milli seconds dark between EBoot and Kernel
0003051: [Display] Show/hide mouse cursor when USB mouse is available/unavailable
0003050: [Kernel] Write PSD from OS overwrites WCE MAC
0002630: [Audio] Fixed value for lineout volume on SGTL5000
0003039: [Touch driver] Registry value SampleRate isn't used (only SX865x)
0003023: [Touch driver] Add pen release irq handling in trigger mode (only SX865x)
0003018: [Touch driver] Add registry value to change pen detection pull-up (only SX865x)
0003030: [Touch driver] Add registry values to change min, max pressure bounds (only SX865x)
0003025: [Kernel] Add Kernel-IOControl to read current kernel checksum
0003026: [Touch driver] Touch_EDT_FT5606 does not work anymore
0003017: [WLAN] armStoneA9r2; All access points are dropped if one AP sends invalid data
0002983: [Serial Driver/Interface] Remove and handle debug output "Warning : BaudRate (<Baudrate>)" which occur for baudrates > 256kB
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