Released 2016-07-07
0002985: [Touch driver] Rework coordinate sampling routine
0002984: [Touch driver] SX865x Touch Driver may send multiple down-up events while one stylus down-up cycle
0002978: [Display] Add support for inverted backlight voltage
0002966: [NSPI] IOCTL_NSPI_WAITIRQ_XXX are not implemented
0002958: [F3S] Maximum size of a F3S partition is restricted to 128MB
0002957: [F3S] Files with size greater 32MB can't be written
0002956: [F3S] Debug message comes by writing files
0002955: [F3S] Improve file search
0002533: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add RS485 support
0002943: [Serial Driver/Interface] RS485 could lose data in receive
0002935: [NI2C] efusA9: I2C_B_IRQ is configured as output
       0002936: [Display] Driver configures I2C_B_IRQ (efusA9) or IRQ of AD controller (armStoneA9) as output
0002902: [OAL] Can't write bootscreen bmp with ndcucfg
0002932: [Serial Driver/Interface] Serial debug message doesn't show active key
0002918: [Tool/Utility] WEC2013: Add control panel app for storage manager
0002917: [WLAN] armStoneA9R2: PCB rev 1.10 needs change for pin reset
0002772: [USB device] Virtual COM over USB generates errors
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