Released 2015-10-16
0002762: [eMMC] Add support for 8bit data width
0002945: [EtherCAT] Add support for EtherCAT
0005430: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add support for invert RX, TX signals
0002346: [Kernel] Implementation of variable clock frequency
0002646: [Display] Setting the value of drive strength does not work
0002741: [General] Add support for armStoneA9R2
0002765: [Kernel] remain memory layout of kernel compatile with previously released versions
0002747: [Ethernet] Ethernet does not work at cold startup (picoMODA9)
0002728: [OAL] add support scaling ARM core frequency dynamically
0002662: [Kernel] Add support for more then 512MB RAM
0002645: [CEDDK] Implement function to adjust "Drive Strength"
0002396: [Display] Display rotate does not work correct if use NEON
0002755: [Serial Driver/Interface] Add support for armStoneA9R2
0002748: [SD/MMC] Add support for armStoneA9R2
0002763: [SMTP Client] Set time offset for current time zone in header to get correct time
0002661: [Audio] efusA9 - Quad: Audio not working
0002745: [Ethernet] add support for LAN9500A
0002750: [DIO] Some IO pins not accessable from DIO driver (PMA9 HW1.10 only)
0002756: [CEDDK] New function CEDDK_GetBoardName() to retrieve board name
0002754: [SD/MMC] QBlissA9 - Quad: µSD slot not working
0002753: [SD/MMC] efusA9 - Quad: SD_B (SINTF: SD slot) not working
0002746: [Display] Customer special program can not be shown in kernel v1.50
0002739: [AIN] On neagtiv measured value it returns wrong skaled positiv data
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