Released 2015-03-16
0004055: [Touch driver] SX865X: check if a chip reset by ESD occured
0002527: [Tool/Utility] Add a i.MX6 item to PSD-Editor
0002575: [OAL] Add new cache driver for i.MX6
0002560: [Kernel] Pixel failures with activated 2D acceleration
0002559: [General] CEPlayer can't play video with AccelLevel 1
0002561: [Kernel] WEC7: Video has horinzontal stripes (software accelerated)
0002563: [CAN] CAN driver sends always message with ID=0 while initialisation
0002577: [SPI] armStoneA9: Wrong pin number for SPI CS
0002573: [DIO] Interrupt configuration for IO-Pin20 is impossible(ASA9)
0002564: [Serial Driver/Interface] ASA9: Incorrect registry values for COM2:, RX doesn't work
0002532: [Kernel] C7E Add software accelerated video support
0002546: [Touch driver] Wrong IRQ and Reset IO pins for MX224 controller (efusA9 only)
0002547: [Kernel] C7E: Add all updates until M01_2015
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