Released 2015-02-10
Only for iMX6 Solo. No support for Dual or QUad.
0002534: [Kernel] Reorganized usage of internal SRAM
0002099: [OAL] Add support for F&S OAL IOCTL extensions to get all ndcucfg functionality working.
0002498: [Ethernet] ENET Link takes very long
0002530: [Display] In Verbose mode: Output display settings to serial debug line
0002529: [Display] WEC2013: Update GPU binaries to version 09/2014
0002524: [NI2C] ASA9: I2C1 Registry settings are missing
0002461: [DIO] Voltage drop under ohmic load
0002525: [Kernel] Output reason for Restart on serial debug line and store value in registry.
0002502: [Kernel] Make PicoMODA9 serial line assignment compatibel to previous PicoMODs
0002460: [Touch driver] sx865 touch send debug message "Invalid message - skipping"
0001776: [Kernel] EC7: Enable exFAT support
0002496: [CAN] CAN driver outputs some unneeded message on serial debug line.
0002503: [Tool/Utility] PicoMODA9: redirect serial instance of NDCUCfg to COM1
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