Released 2016-03-02
0002800: [Kernel] Small memory leak detected (12kB/h, veryfied under WEC2013)
0002840: [Ethernet] The second ethernet-interface(SMSC95001) can not be used as debug-interface.
0002626: [Kernel] Add language packs. At the time only "en-US" is available.
0002876: [General] C2013: Add all updates until M12_2015 (Update 26)
0002336: [USB host] Add SYSGEN_USB_SER
0002787: [Kernel] Add netlog utility to log network traffic.
0002882: [USB host] USBSER.Dll: .NET CF ApplyDCB() not working
       0002886: [Serial Driver/Interface] COM_MDD2: .NET CF ApplyDCB() not working
0002875: [General] Modem: Add support for uBlox Topy-L2
0002874: [Tool/Utility] NDCUCFG: Add support for version V64
0002877: [General] C7: Add all updates until M12_2015 (Update 54)
0002871: [HDMI] efusA9: Can't read EDID information from connected monitor
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