Released 2015-02-02
Add support for new NBOOT
Add support for refresh strategy
Add support for F3S
0002474: [DIO] efusA9: Mapping of IO pin to connector is incorrect
0002542: [Display] Change RenderPlugin from OpenGL to DDraw because of performance problems.
0002473: [Kernel] C2013: Add all updates until M12_2014
0002279: [Touch driver] Add registry values for adjust touch sensitivity to EDT touch driver
0002472: [Ethernet] PicoMODA9 KITL does not work
0002388: [Kernel] Set correct Platform name
0002500: [NI2C] Slave devices can hang the bus by holding SDA low
0002434: [NAND-FMD] Add support for new nand flash driver (with swap strategy)
0002468: [Ethernet] Babling TX Error
0002486: [NAND-FMD] Add support for updating EBoot and EBoot from EBoot or Windows image
0002454: [F3S] Adapt F3S to F&S iMX6 platform
0002493: [Tool/Utility] Update to NDUCCFG V58 to run on correct COM port
0002477: [CAN] Add registry settings for CAN interface(s)
0002469: [DIO] IRQ configuration is incorrect (level/edge)
0002479: [OAL] Interrupt done function doesn't clear status of GPIO IRQ's
0002223: [NAND-FMD] add swap block strategy for nand flash
0002439: [General] Add support for new NBOOT
0002273: [Kernel] W2013 for Solo and Dual light
0002438: [NAND-FMD] Add support for flash swap strategy
0002440: [DIO] Cannot read from an IO which is confugured as output
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