Released 2014-11-20
0002269: [OAL] Add support for DualLite CPU
0002337: [USB host] Enable catalog options for USB Bluetooth support.
0002379: [Display] Vivante 2D Accelerator does not work
0002339: [Tool/Utility] Implement Checkautostart
0002370: [Tool/Utility] add tool HDMICfg
0002421: [Kernel] One kernel image for various iMX6 CPUs
0002423: [HDMI] On the left side of monitor, there is always a pink stripe.
0002398: [CAN] Remove debug output in case of ERROR_TIMEOUT from IOCTLs.
0002395: [Display] Can't set display clock lower than 20MHz
0002393: [Display] Use ARM NEON extension for 2D software acceleration.
0002392: [Touch driver] Exception is thrown if you tip the touch at the edge of the display.
0002237: [USB device] Virtual COM over USB generates error
0002384: [Display] Add support for backlight control
0002381: [Display] PicoMODA9 RGB lcd interface does not work in combination with old start interface board.
0002369: [Tool/Utility] add support for KernelUpdate
0002368: [AIN] add support for Analog input
0002366: [DIO] same pad values for IO Pin75 and IO Pin76 (efusA9 only)
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