0002004: [Matrix keyboard] Add support for matrix keyboard
0002042: [Kernel] Add support for on-board LEDs
0002089: [Ethernet] Add device to show OTP settings like MAC address in sysfs
0002098: [Kernel] Sleep functions on Vybrid only work with mulitples of 10ms
0002168: [Kernel] Apply new Timesys modifications to Vybrid platform
0002169: [DIO] Fix filter settings for digital inputs
0002170: [I2C] Improve software I2C handling if line is stuck
0002095: [Display] Improve display clock rate setting for Vybrid DCU
0002061: [I2C] I2C pins are actively driven instead of open drain
0002088: [Touch driver] EDT capacitive touch (FT5x06) does not work on Vybrid platforms
0002047: [Touch driver] Reset SX8655 touch controller before using it
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0002091: [U-Boot] Add support for on-board LEDs
0002073: [U-Boot] Improve Update/Install to handle script in RAM and UBIFS, add recovery
0002068: [U-Boot] Add support for 500MHz on Vybrid
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