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0002095fsvybrid_LinuxDisplaypublic2014-04-07 15:15
ReporterKeller Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionfsvybrid-V1.1 
Target Versionfsvybrid-V1.2Fixed in Versionfsvybrid-V1.2 
Summary0002095: Improve display clock rate setting for Vybrid DCU
DescriptionThe current Vybrid implementation uses 113 MHz as base clock for the DCU. This only allows rather coarse settings of the pixel clock. For example a display that wants to hav 33 MHz can either have 28.25 MHz (divide by 4) or 37.7 MHz (divide by 3), which is both not very good.

The hardware can provide much higher base clocks and we can even choose between two different clocks. This would allow a clock of 32.29 MHz or 34.28 MHz instead which would both be far better suited. Therefore improve the DCU driver to use the clock and setting that best fits the desired display clock rate.
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